Friday, May 19, 2017

5 Headache Districts...

Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.”

It’s about a barking a dog, Pakistan, left behind unleashed by the British and India has failed miserably  in putting it on a leash.

I am not an expert nor a commentator on Kashmir…I am one  amongst common men who read news papers and watch TV and have a few observations….

Despite, successive  Government having failed in working for development of Kashmir and exploring talent of Kashmiris, Rubia Syed is a cricketer from Kashmir to represent North Zone. Inspector Shakti Devi of Jammu division is currently serving the United Nations mission in Afghanistan… Ridwana Sanam…..Chairman and Managing Director, KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy….

We have other extreme too.

Hamida  is a professor in Kashmir University drawing Indian salary while her Husband Naeem Khan accepts getting money from Pakistan for creating disturbances..

Rohingya Muslims in Jammu are a ticking bomb. Evict them before it is too late” – MM Khajuria, former DGP, J&K…

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Warns Of ‘Nuclear Accident’ If India Doesn’t Hold Talks On Kashmir..

Mehbooba doesn’t seem sure of her ground nor of her commitment. With every stone pelted and every bullet fired, she changes track..Only ones who are sure of their target and mission are  the Hurriyat and Pakistan..

From Nehru to ManMohan Singh, I would blame every PM for the mess in Kashmir..Farooq Abdulla, his Father and his Son have ruled Kashmir and swore by Indian constitution…When they lose power, they support separatists..

It’s difficult to believe that congress government in 70 yrs didn’t know the main problem unless one would infer that congress itself was a problem than a solution. It doesn’t seem to be Azadi or about Kashmiriyat..There is no freedom struggle in Kashmir, but a war foisted on us..Kashmiriyat is a word being used to defend terrorists, cover up rapes, genocide  by Muslims…

It’s logical to ask a question to a Government of the day…

Can we  live in glory of one surgical strike..

Is it not time to give a free hand to Armed Forces? Why not allow them to be pro active?

Is it so difficult to contain Paid stone pelters?

Is it so difficult to close the taps which fund Hurriyat?

Is it so difficult to remove VIP security to Hurriyat?.

Is it so difficult to abrogate article 370 with majority in Lok Sabha?

Is it so difficult to muster political will to Do So?

Is it so difficult to control Only 5 districts amongst 22 where separatists have a say..Srinagar, Anantnag, Baramullah, Kulgam and Pulwama.. Rest of 17 districts are Pro India.? Five Anti  India districts are not close to LOC either?

Is it so difficult to contain 15% in Kashmir while 26% in Jammu and 59% in Ladakh are in favour of development? Pakistan has succeeded in constantly engaging us with Hurriyat and Valley to an extent we have lost track of other tribes and districts….

Is it so difficult to disburse separate budget to Jammu ,Ladakh and Kashmir?

Is it so difficult to identify those who were in attendance to FAI gatherings?

It seems, only India isn’t sure of next step.. We seem to react and are on defensive.. For once, lets go on offensive..and prove to the world that we are not only Amongst largest growing economy, we are also a self respecting nation who can defend itself against any aggression, terror or military adventurism….

All initiatives taken by India have failed..Talks, interlocutors, No Cricket, Height of Diplomacy, Surgical strike.. Under Sonia, she appointed interlocutor which seemingly did more harm than help Kashmir cause…

We are surrounded by enemies within and outside who  are raising their bar..Before they go out of control, enemies must be crushed….Only a strong Government with political will and intent will succeed..

PM Mr Modi, in last three years you have taken unthinkable and unbelievable initiatives…

National sentiments are clear..


But then, I am a common man who is not an expert..


SG said...

Make arrangement for all pro Pakistanis to move to Pakistan. But if majority does not want to be with India, then don't force them just give up Kashmir.

indu chhibber said...

Well said Chowla ji.Such a big problem and we do not have a strategy to end it.