Friday, May 26, 2017


January 17th, 2017.

Allegedly… A cold blooded Murder

For the last three years, there seems to a deliberate attempt to plant false assumptions and theories to derail proper investigations in Sunanda murder case.

Investigators had pointed out at that time that Pushkar’s body had 12 injury marks including a bite mark on her hand. However, the injuries were not life-threatening but raised questions as to whether she was physically assaulted before her death. Other theories that did the rounds at that time said that she had overdosed on sleeping pills. Pushkar’s autopsy report had stated that the cause of death was unnatural. The report also indicated that she died of drug overdose, most likely a combination of sedatives, other strong medicines and probably alcohol. What isn’t clear is whether she was forcibly administered the same or did she willingly consume it herself. ( India Today)

Police, it would appear, was under a heavy political pressure to go slow on the case. There is no explanation for delay of seizures of Mobile and Laptop.

CCTV footage of relevant area of the hotel  went non functional during a critical time which is suspicious..

Removal of Dr Sudhir Gupta from his post in AIIMS from Forensic Department raises suspicion.

FIR suggests that Sunanda Pushkar was poisoned and a murder case filed: Says police.

Dead bodies never walk.But, it seems, Sunanda’s body moved to another room after her death.

Was Sunanda going to spill beans about IPL ?

What needs to be established!!

Was Sunanda murder a case of “Supari” killing, as is being alleged?

Did Dubai Mafia broke into Indian security?

Was national security compromised?


SG said...

Money can buy justice anywhere in the world...I mean in most of the countries.

indu chhibber said...

So many pointers,when will the truth appear?

illyaspaetow said...

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