Friday, June 9, 2017


This piece must not be seen or read as a comparison between Rahul G and N Modi..
Rahul Gandhi was born in 1970 at a time when India  was of 23 years. Rahul has not seen poverty, wars India fought nor the infamous Murder of democracy in 1975. Rahul is 47 yrs of age all of which Rahul has  lived in luxury, power, arrogance, riches, security and Surrounded by sycophants. He has lived like a prince since his birth. Media has called him Heir apparent and Gandhis as First Family. He has been serious about his holiday plans,if nothing else. He is from amongst fifth generation of Nehru Gandhi clan.
From a Khan to a Gandhi has been a long journey. Unfortunately, Rahul isn’t aware of aches and pains of real India except for someone called KALAVATI he refereed to in Parliament. If one was to ask him for his idea of India. I doubt if he ever thought of it to be necessary. Those who are analytical would vouch that his speeches do not make an impact on masses nor within party forum. He is  not known to have have asked any serious questions nor his record in parliament has been encouraging. He lost an opportunity by not taking over LoP. He has never expressed his views on Economy, Defence, Diplomacy, Terror and most important Pakistan and Kashmir. Rahul G has no “connect” with Hindustan. Rahul, once said “Poverty  is just a state of mind”. Rahul  once made a statement “I am ashamed to call myself an INDIAN?”. 
Narendra Damodar Das  Modi, twenty years senior to Rahul is 67 yrs  of age, arrived on scene and took world by storm. Modi is not ashamed of accepting a fact that he comes from an ordinary family which sold tea at railway station. Modi has seen and lived in poverty, thus understands the aches and pains of larger Indian population. From a tea vendor to being the Prime Minster of largest democracy has been a long journey. A disciplined man with Navratri fasting even when on state visit to USA. Analysts will accept that his speeches connect him to the man on the street. Crowds cheer him. Without asking him about his idea of India, he has made it obvious by his visits to forward areas including Siachen. His diplomatic moves, His grip over foreign policy, His moves on economy and demonetisation and most important  being sense of governance. Modi’s speeches in parliament have been applauded. He talks straight from his heart  which hits the target, Hearts of the common man. Even opposition (whatever is left of it) is clueless on his next move.
Modi made a statement “I am a proud Hindu Nationalist “However, playing anti Modi  has become an industry in India..
Narendra Damodar Das Modi has arrived…
B k chowla 


SG said...

I agree Mr. Modi is a better leader than Rahul. However, coming from a poor family a basic qualification to be a leader? Mr. John Kennedy, who is considered one of the best Presidents of USA was from a multi millionaire family. The Kennedys are considered America's royalty.

J P Joshi said...

I share your views on Rahul G and Modi.

There is not a single political leader in India who can match Modi in his vision, dedication, incorruptibility, and his desire to see India reach its greatness that it rightly deserves but has been held back due to lack of self confidence as also a colonial mindset.