Sunday, September 17, 2017

1 word or 1 phrase makes a difference!!!

1 WORD or 1 PHRASE can make a Difference !!!!

This piece is not to make fun of Any congress leaders…

If one had to, one would have quoted two historical statements of Rahul Gandhi..

This morning I got up at night…

Every single city in Bangalore..

But, following is a compilation of a few  damaging statements by politicians across board..

This is not my India …. A R Rehman.. (he converted to Islam)

Unease growing among Muslims in India ….. Hamid Ansari (V P of India)

I am alarmed, my wife suggested moving out of India … Amir Khan. (married a Hindu)

At the moment there is ‘extreme intolerance’ in the country .. Shah Rukh Khan … (married a hindu)

Remove police for 15 mins, We will finish off 100 crore Hindus … Akbaruddin Owaisi … ( Senior Owaisi tried cover up)

Ishrat Jahan is Bihar Ké Beti …. Nitish Kumar … (Now he is with NDA)

Minorities have first right to resources ..Man Mohan Singh.. (PM of India)

Poverty is just a state of mind …. Rahul Gandhi .. ( V P of congress)

China is a dragon. India is called an elephant, but we’re not an elephant, we’re a beehive.”… Rahul Gandhi.

India is going to be the 21st century’s Saudi Arabia in terms of human resources … Rahul Gandhi

The bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community.”es”…. Rahul Gandhi

Dalit community ‘needs the escape velocity of Jupiter’ to achieve success .. Rahul Gandhi.

Maut Ka Saudagar … Sonia Gandhi (Congress Prez)

Khoon Ki Dalali …. Rahul Gandhi.

For how long would UP youths go and beg in Maharashtra …. Rahul Gandhi

I feel bad when our Army chief makes speeches like a street thug (Sadak  Ka Gunda ) … Sandeep Dixit … (close aide to Rahul Gandhi)

One should not be adventurous being a woman … Sheila Dixit (Delhi CM)

POK tumhare baap Ka hai KYA? … Farooq Abdulla .. (Ruled Kashmir 4 decades)

Budhani killed and had a prize money of Rs 10lakhs .. “would have given the poster boy of new-age militancy “a chance” had she known he was “trapped in the encounter”.. Mehbooba (CM)

Sonia Gandhi ‘cried bitterly’ after seeing Batla House encounter images: .. Salman Khurshid … (close aide of Dynasty)

Remove Modi and get us back to resume dialogue … Mani Aiyar in Pakistan … (Close aide of dynasty)

“Zakir should travel all over India … I am very happy that he is spreading the message of peace,” he said. “We need your message to reach the country,” Singh had told Zakir Naik back then … Dig Vijay Singh (close to Rahul Gandhi)

Armed Forces Special Act (AFSPA ) is an Obnoxious Law …. Chidambaram..( was HM )

One can write an encyclopaedia of damaging comments /statements made by politicians not realising  who is it going to affect the most.

These are representatives we elected to rule us for decades.

These are the representatives, most of who have been in power or are close to powder centres.

It is upto you to analyse and draw your conclusions …. Be careful while choosing your representatives who can make or destroy your future and next generation out of selfish efforts to please a particular constituency.



GST Suvidha Provider said...

Politicians give us hour long speeches about nationality and their love for nation etc. But in many cases their actions doesn't match their words. This make us doubt on their intentions. Are they working for the nation or for their personal benefits? It is the time to make a change. People have to make sure that only eligible persons wins the elections .We have the power to make the change.

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