Friday, September 29, 2017


It was 11th , September 1893 … Swami Vivekanand gave lecture in Chicago … It was about Hinduism..

It was 11th September 2017…. Rahul Gandhi gave lecture in Chicago… It was about dynasty..

By advocating Dynasty, Rahul has defeated the concept of Democracy …

Congress has been fond of foreigners …. From Hume to Sonia ..

Nehru cracked  India so he could stay in power.

Indira cracked Congress so she could stay in power.

Sonia cracked Gandhi family to stay in power …

By no stretch of imagination am I an admirer or follower of 125 yrs old congress party..But, me, as a common man having some democratic values  and I am of firm opinion that India needs a strong opposition ..

In congress, do we see  an opposition or is there a remote possibility of congress being a responsible opposition? I see this party neither as a prospective opposition nor responsible opposition and it’s coming  back to power seems a distant dream ..

Jai Ram Ramesh wrote this about congress  “The sultanate has gone, but we behave as if we are sultans still. We have to completely redo the way of thinking, the way of acting, the way of projecting, the way of communicating”

Having made his intentions clear On dynasty, Rahul Gandhi has blocked any non Gandhi ever to head congress party, especially,  considering that Priyanka Vadra’s son is coming of age, there is no possibility of any non Gandhi to be a Congress President till 2077 , yes 2077.

One may like  it or not, by all Indications and surveys, Modi is here to stay and is for a long run, at least till 2024, if not beyond …

In the circumstances,what happens to “seniors” in congress between and now and Modi factor?

Likes of Digvijay singh, Mani Aiyar, Chidambaram, Sibal, Vora, Singhvi and all would be nearing their 80’s …

What happens to young leaders like Scindia, Pilot, Deora, Naveen Jindal, Jitendra Singh, Priyanka Chaturvedi ?Is one to presume that the  young leaders have accepted to always remain passengers in a Train which is going towards an unknown destination? If those passengers have tickets to abuse Modi and run anti Modi (not anti bjp) campaign,rest assured ,destination is nowhere is sight as they are going through a dark tunnel.

What happens to a very  important vehicle -MEDIA-which congress rode successfully between 2004-14 and had a vice like grip over its steering wheel.. There were journalists who were as strong If not stronger than some of the ministers… How Can one Forget TV journalist fixing ministerial berths by announcing ” I am at 7RCR”.. Another TV journalists was caught on camera asking a panelist “Congress ké Paksh Mein bolna”.. How dangerous could  this become for a democracy? All such journalists are finding some corner to hide…

What happens to those Luteyans Babus whom the British called “Civil Servants” …. It’s no longer afternoon Golf at Delhi Golf Club followed by lunch at Delhi Gymkhana ..

To be and behave like a viable and responsible  opposition, congress must go back to the drawing board failing which it will Some decades before congress will smell power …

Opposition, Media and Babus have only factor to counter … Narendra Modi..

Year 2077 is a long way away …



panseva said...

A change is required for everything. It was a good decision to hand over power to some other party other than congress. Because Indians want to give them an opportunity to see how they rule. India's relation with foreign nations strengthened. Many positive changes happened in India. I hope more changes like deduction in the rising fuel price, commodities etc. will happen very soon.

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