Monday, October 23, 2017


Nov 15th, 1949 while debating with Prof K T Shah, Dr Ambedkar opposed addition of word SECULAR in Article 1 of constitution…

With 42nd  amendment to constitution during emergency, Indira Gandhi added word SECULAR for vote bank politics and that opened the flood gates of appeasement agenda..

To make situation worse, decade of 2004-14 sent and kept Hindus on defensive…

How should a Hindu react when PM of the country says ” Minorities have first right over our resources “. A known terrorist Ishrat gets  labeled as ” Bihar KI Beti” and Senior congress leader has tears when Batla encounter takes place.. What happens if a VP talks of “Unease”.. What about self proclaimed film stars when they talk of intolerance and moving out of country? How is a Hindu expected to react? If he does, he is branded communal ..

Pent up sentiments of Hindus were awaiting to explode and in view of recent judgement on cracker ban, it has exploded resulting into discussions on Hindu, Hindutva and why are Hindu festivals are on target. Every Hindu festival has been targeted in recent past, be it Jallikattu, Holi, Karva Chauth, Dahi Handi and now Diwali, you name it and there is an objection, restriction in name of Secularism.. It’s natural for Hindus to rake up atrocities of Aurangzeb and Babar .. We will hear more comments like one about Taj Mahal built by a traitor …

I don’t need a Babar to have a golden era in India: Dr Sambit Patra…

Shashi Tharoor’s comment that “Firecrackers are unholy add-ons” is not surprising.

Those who had studied  Communal Violence Bill proposed by Sonia congress must be relieved that  it did not go through or else Hindus would have been rotting in jails.

A number of incidents, judgments and State level decisions have shaken and angered large section of Hindu community.

Forcible religious conversion of Hindus is a realty on which Government prefers to play blind towards foreign NGOs.. How long will we behave blind to conversion in Punjab, WB, Kerala and many more states? Obvious reason must be change of demographics …

Why do we see an overreaction from certain quarters and a section of media when Hindus advocate their case for Government should stop interfering and free itself from control of Hindu places of worship.? It still remains unconvincing as to why the Government has no control over Mosques, Churches and Gurudwara? Mosque uses its funds for Madrasas. Church uses its funds for Missionary schools.. Why mustn’t Temple funds be used for Hindu education? Why must Hindu Temple funds be used for subsiding Haj pilgrimage?

Who doesn’t know of a case when a Hindu student was forced to fast during Ramzan.. WB had put restrictions on Durga immersion while giving preference to Muharram ..

In no way is anyone helping any cause of social harmony as political points are being scored by playing Hindus against Muslims ..

Hindus are a majority is a reality.. Muslims are a part of Indian state is a reality …



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