Sunday, July 24, 2016


“Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah”
Protect the Dharma; Dharma will protect you---------Mahabharata.

Indian’s Home Minister spoke on the floor parliament accusing Pakistan for the troubles in J&K implying Indian State.
Identical statements were made by most of the home ministers on the floor of parliament and in political rallies.
But, we have yet to see or hear of a concrete plan of action to counter Pakistan.

However, as it stands, Pakistan must be having the last laugh.

Kashmir waves Pakistan flag because it's been doing it for six decades, unchallenged.
Lalu Prasad justifies Pakistan flag in Bihar because Kashmir has it.
Kerala waves Pakistan flag as state doesn't t care and Kerala is going through demographic changes.
West Bengal waves Pakistan flag...Well, ask CM for the reasons.
Part of UP waves Pakistan flags and Hindus take a back seat.
We have Pak TV actors in popular comedy shows.
We have Pakistan actors in Bollywood.
We have Pakistan play back singers in Bollywood.
We have Pakistani stage singers running to India as soon as they run out of bank balance. The state Government allows the concert. The kind of money they rake in, never could they think of that in Pakistan.
We have Pakistan cricketer as host on a comedy show.
We have Pakistan cricketers as guest on another comedy show.
We invite Pakistani guests for TV debates on news channels who ridicule us while they are drinking tea and laughing at us. (They are being paid for it)
We have Indian TV reporters/ anchors who justify every action of Pakistan against India. Search Twitter to know who those are....plenty of them on ISI pay roll.
We have journalists who indicate troop movements via twitter. These journalists seem spiritually attached to Pakistan
We have journalists who tweet   giving hints as to where to use Wifi when Internet was blocked in Kashmir.
Pakistan has been asking for Plebiscite in Kashmir.
Jyoti  Scindia from Congress has asked for Plebiscite in Kashmir.
P C Chidambaram from congress has asked for greater autonomy for Kashmir. (He was HM)
Mani Shankar Aiyar went to Pakistan and asked for their help to dislodge NM
Salman Khurshheed was also with Aiyar in Pakistan asking Pakistan’s help, in dislodging NM. (He was MEA).
AAP advertisements are seen in Pakistan papers and website with pictures of its leader.

Can Pakistan ask for more?

Enemy is within us, it just needs to be exposed.

And what do we do and say?
“We will not play cricket with Pakistan”.
“Moonh Torh Jawab Diya Jayega.”
“POK is integral part of India.”

………………….Until next terror  attack.”


this has been published in NewsNViews portal as guest author.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Zakir was born in Bombay some half a century back. 

His speeches are banned in Canada, UK and Indonesia.
UK cancelled his visa in 2010.

Zakir is known for his hate speeches. His venture, Peace TV is all about radicalization. Peace TV website does not show J&K as a part of India. He never had a license for broadcast; still Government of the day took no action.

Zakir has links with Pak JuD as shown in JuD website
Zakir has links with Pak LeT .
Zakir sets up “Islamic Research Foundation”.
Zakir sets up NGO and collects funds for research under FCRA rules
Zakir diverts research funds for terror preaching/Jehadi activities.
Zakir NGO received Rs 14 cr from overseas of which over 75% came in from Gulf countries
Zakir is an “inspiration” for Muslim youth to join ISIS… Bangladesh,Hyderabad and Kerala factual cases.

 Mumbai Police Commissioner, in 2008, sent a report to central Government about suspicious activities of Zakir. Congress Government slept over it.

Despite all this, do you know what happens in India with Zakir during congress rule? Need one emphasize under whose orders congress worked and acted? Zakir was rewarded for anti India activities, for spreading hatred against Hindus as part of congress’ appeasement agenda.

Sudarshan TV exposed Jihadi activities of Zakir .Instead of stopping Zakir, Sudarshan TV was sent a notice. (See attachment)
 Zakir was invited under congress government to address IPS officers at Hyderabad Police Academy.
Zakir was rated number 3 in “Top ten spiritual Gurus of India” in 2009 which was upgraded to number 1 in 2010.
Zakir was elected to top most council of Aligarh Muslim University in 2013 when Kapil Sibal was HRD minister.

Congress general secretary Dig Vijay Singh shared stage with Zakir, hugging him and calls him a “Messenger of Peace” and addresses him as “Huzoor”
One actor Shah Rukh Khan after meeting Zakir spoke of “Enlightenment “
One journalist Shekhar Gupta after interviewing Zakir calls him a “Rock Star”
Abu Azmi of SP, Owaisi of MIM and IUML (congress ally) support him besides some Muslim groups.
Some English news channels and a few journalists support him.

Congress is speechless as it can’t criticize him since Zakir is a child born out of congress anti India policy.

Likes of Zakir and a section of Urdu media are real fertilizers of Jihadism in our main stream (via twitter)

Congress has over drawn from minority credit card in last ten years for which India, especially, Hindus will have to repay with compound interest.

It is time for civil society to come together for the sake of national interests and national security to put an end to the society divide engineered by Congress party.


Monday, July 4, 2016


There are two distinct characters which we see in India. Those who  fight terror and those who don’t. Latter are mostly identified as politicians.
The establishment (intelligence) works and worked overtime to catch the anti nationals, suspected terrorists and succeeded in arresting them from Hyderabad in early morning raid. It will not be long before "Secular" media and political parties will start questioning the Government about early morning raid during Ramzan, not realizing that it was just the right time before dawn and after they broke their fast. If they can hit during Ramzan, why can’t they be picked up during Ramzan? Does anyone have an answer to this?
None of us have any idea as to how many terror attempts must have been foiled by intelligence agencies.Then we have likes of Owaisi who makes a public statement of his commitment in providing legal support to the suspected terrorists caught in Hyderabad. It is same Owaisi who threatened Hindus and dared them to remove police for 15 minutes. It is the same Owaisi who under Sonia’s congress was made a member of Parliamentary Committee for Defense. Is that how India intends fighting terror? All this when suspected terrorists have been picked by Intel agencies with huge stock of arms in possession of their possession. Look at the irony of this nation. Owaisi is representing a constituency in Lok Sabha where the laws are made, issues are discussed and country's future depends on the elected representatives.  It should also not surprise anyone in the civil society when one gets know that some senior lawyer from amongst Luteyans zone takes up the case of the terror suspects and will have full support of the media. All one needs is deep pockets.
All we need to do is to look out of the window towards Bangladesh. If ISIS has arrived there, is ISIS far away from India?
One thing is to be politically opportunist by playing appeasement card and the other is to be a nationalist. It is time Hindus, Muslims, civil society and politicians joined hands forgetting their political differences and fight the danger together.
Think of the danger ahead if we don’t unite against terror.
How long will we live foolishly saying “Terror has no religion?”


Thursday, June 30, 2016


India has had a number of Prime Ministers. Some were genuinely elected, some were accidental and some were thrusted upon India. India being a strong and a vibrant democracy accepted them all and gave its verdict during next elections.

Jawahar Lal Nehru… Kashmir....China (1962) Gandhis won’t allow him to be forgotten. It’s about very survival of congress.

Gulzari Lal Nanda... Only one who was sworn in three times. Neither congress nor history has been kind to him. He has been forgotten

Indira Gandhi...Of Emergency  fame. Millions of Rs from taxpayer’s money has been spent on her death and birth anniversary to keep her alive... Gandhis won’t ever allow her to be forgotten.

Morarji Bhai Desai… He might be remembered with reference to his son Kanti Bhai. He has been forgotten.

Lal Bahadur Shatri...He was considered to be the most honest PM India ever had. He will always be remembered for his decision and Military victory over Pakistan. Allegedly, he died in debts. He has been forgotten.

Rajeev Gandhi…Shah Bano, 1984, Bofors and coterie.… Gandhis won’t allow him to be forgotten since Sonia is identified with Rajeev. Millions of tax payer’s money has been spent on his birth and death anniversary. Gandhis and Sonia can survive politically only with his name tag.

V P Singh... He is assumed to be a product of false propaganda. He has been forgotten.

 P V Narsimhan Roan...Man who steered economic reforms though Man Mohan Singh got the credit and India prospered. Even his dead body (non Gandhi) was not allowed to be brought and kept in congress office is a separate issue…He has been forgotten.

I K Gujral… He just filled in the seat temporarily...He was never remembered. He has been forgotten.

H S Devegowda….Don’t ask, Devegowda who? He has been forgotten.

Chandrashekhar.. It was an easy entry and an exit. He has been forgotten.

Man Mohan Singh…. What can I say....Will History remember him? May be only for scams during his rule? He himself might like to be forgotten.

Narendra Damodardas Modi...Wait and watch .A nationalist with a mission. Will never be forgotten

India has had all these great men and woman as PMs. But ,Bharat Ratna has been awarded only to Nehru- Gandhi family by Nehru –Gandhi itself. It sounds so convenient. It would appear all other PMs were not worthy of Bharat Ratna.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

DECADE 2004-2014


Who won in 2014? BJP or India? 

After her sacrifice (?), Sonia appointed honest man as PM and started rule by Proxy. Allegedly, important files were sent to High Command for approval and “Deals” were fixed. Governance took the hit as no MP /minister would consult the PM on major issues .Above all, NAC (National Advisory Council) was formed by Sonia from amongst handpicked members with Sonia as the chairperson which ruled without responsibility but with full authority. Why did Man Mohan Singh accept humiliation is a mystery?

In 1975, media bent backwards out of fear. This time, it was greed. Media was manipulated. The power of Govt Ads and its monetary value is unprecedented. Discretionary quota was used to allot accommodation and positions to media bigwigs with free overseas trips aboard PM’s flight, VIP treatment and with all perks that come with PM’s entourage. Media became powerful that it started even to brokerage appointment of ministers.”I am at 7RCR” announced a TV news anchor. Each wanted to get close to power so as to become powerful. If you don’t kill your enemy, it will kill you. Media wasn’t touched.

NGOs were given licenses under FCRA and same NGOs/funds were surreptitiously used against political opponents and also allegedly for anti national activities. Some NGOs were owned by serving Babus and senior Advocates of SC. Over 10,000 NGO licenses have since been cancelled.

National security was compromised. When Chinese intruded,the then MEA termed it as ACNE. Case of Ishrat Jahan is in news with not much comfort. How could original files go missing from ministry? Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya are live examples of the strategy. Illegal immigration of Muslims was ignored and missionaries were issued Visas who indulged in mass conversions. A drive through Punjab will see sudden spurt of Churches in areas where never has ever been a Christian. Phrase “Saffron Terror” was coined to appease minorities. Hindus were advised on Colorless Holi, Cracker less Diwali and no Rakhi, but never a Bloodless Eid was spoken about. Assam,WB,Kerala demographics were allowed to change. Roland Reagan had said “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation” Efforts were at full throttle to divide Hindus. Had they succeeded in passing CVB (Communal Violence Bill), half Hindu population would have been on jail. Had PrithviRaj Chauhan killed Mohd Ghori, no such thing would have happened.

The then PM said “Minorities have the first charge over natural resources”. While he was stating this, under his nose, due to “Coalition compulsions”, loot of natural resources was on. Be it Spectrum, Coal, Thorium, Land grab, CWG. No amount of enquiry would have helped. I once wrote this phrase from Twitter The corrupt accuse corrupt of being corrupt and the corrupt investigate the corrupt and absolve the corrupt of being corrupt”

Congress infiltrated into Police, CBI, judiciary and Babudom. Those who played ball, had post retirement positions ready and those who didn’t had their files ready for CBI and IT .Babus continued to live in Colonial days with a game of Golf during working hours and lunch at Delhi Gymkhana

Someday, some historian will write about this disastrous decade for next generation never to make the mistakes we made.