Saturday, November 8, 2014


After decades we have had divine blessings. This is the first time India has voted for India. Narendra Modi is the new Prime Minister. For God sake, wait. Give him time.

Managing a country with 1.2+ billion expectations is not easy. There is no magic by which situation can be brought under control after ten years of misrule. Foreign relations, Economy, Internal Security, Border management and unity of the country have been in a mess for years.

In a short period of a few months in office, Prime Minister has taken various decisions and implemented some of far reaching consequences. From the day of taking oath in presence of SAARC members till the official visit to America after one to Japan and China, a lot has changed with brand India. On diplomatic front each initiative has enhanced the status of India and a strong message has been given to India’s adversaries.Brand India is alive once again.

In 150 days, labor laws have been amended, Diesel has been deregulated, and coal stands denationalized. In five months Petrol prices have been reduced on five occasions and after years it first time Diesel prices have been reduced. This is a major step towards controlling inflation.

In 67 yrs since independence, no Prime Minister was ever inclined to go to Siachen. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent his Diwali with the Jawans in freezing cold. It is less about Siachen and more about moral of the Armed forces. Those who understand this would be able to react to the body language of the Jawans.

Initiatives have been taken on Black money. For over two years, despite a directive from the Supreme Court, previous Government did not appoint an SIT. Soon after coming to power, Modi Government appointed one. A major stumbling block could be the treaties which previous Government made with countries by which information would not be asked for retrospectively.

Over 6 crore accounts with deposits of close to Rs 5000 crores  have been opened under the new Dhan Jan Yojna scheme by which poor man will benefit with insurance cover.

Swatch Abhiyan is a major initiative. Who would not benefit with a clean India?

Media and its secular brigade hounded Modi for twelve years at no end. He chose not to answer every media man/woman and stood like a rock. Perhaps, in his place someone else would have been vindictive.

Prime Minister and his cabinet are focused on growth. Even otherwise, on Maslow’s theory of hierarchy, people will move to next level of growth only after basic needs are satisfied.

After decades of decayed sentiments, man on the street is feeling a sense of belonging and has hopes of Ache Din .Modi's style of functioning could be a matter of debate,but,he has a success story behind him of twelve years of governance in Gujarat.

It is a relief to have got over ten years of misrule of congress led UPA under Man Mohan Singh.

With his actions, Narendra Modi is smashing Nehruvian consensus.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Are we Hindus too tolerant?

I do not claim to be a scholar of Hindu philosophy or Hinduism. Considering some of the decisions Government took from 2004-2014 and looking at certain portions of History, one would come to a conclusion that Hindus are either too weak or too tolerant. We are perhaps tolerant and not weak. Despite Hindus being extra ordinarily tolerant, there are those who teach tolerance to Hindus don't understand, the faith teaches seeing divinity in everything.

For Hindu Nationalists, our history starts with Raja Bharat or even before. For Secularists, our history starts with Jehadi attack on Sindh.
The Afghans, Turks, Mughal and British came to India, ruled, looted, and converted beheaded, divided and walked away.
In  J&K,Abdulla once told Kashmiri Pandits----- Raliv,Chaliv Ya Galiv---- (Become us, Flee or get Decimated). While politicians indulged in politics of appeasement, we Hindus became refugees in our own land. Ethnic Cleansing was complete. Hindus migrating from Bangladesh are put into detention camps while illegal Muslim migrants crossing over are issued ration cards and voter ID cards.Gradually,West Bengal s being converted into a Muslim majority state

The atmosphere has been so created by the media and previous Government that it is right in India to say “I am a proud Muslim”, “I am proud Christian” is fine but when I say “I am a Proud Hindu" I am communal. Who will decide?

With every Hindu festival  an advisory is isuued...During Diwali, we are told not to burn crackers. During Holi, we are told not play with colors. During Navratris ,we are told  not play loud speakers. Will these seculars ever suggest a bloodless Eid?

In a District in West Bengal, Hindus are not allowed to cremate their dead without permission from administration as it is a Muslim majority area.

One can abuse Hindu God in the middle of the street. A painter can paint Hindu Goddesses in most derogatory position and get away. Let someone do so with any other community to understand what tolerance is and what violence is.

Census of 2011 was not made public by the Government. It is obvious from the figures that with passing time, Hindu population is declining.

A report published by Pew Research Centre, internationally shows; Hindus will be a minority by the year 2071, thus implying India will be an Islamic State.

Is it time for a Uniform Civil code In India?

The Hindu salutation 'Namaskar' means that I bow to that divinity in you.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014



68 years since Independence.

Armed Forces have been demanding a well deserved National War Memorial for decades now. For some unexplained reasons, Government did not take a decision, while the non availability of space was being given as one of the reasons.

Now, finally Defense Minister has announced Government’s decision to have one NWM at India gate in Delhi. At last, soldiers who laid down their lives for the country will be honored. From Siachen to setting up bridges during Common Wealth Games, we have always depended upon the men in uniform to come to our rescue.

While it has taken over five decades for government to take this  regarding National War Memorial, one might like to look at the number of acres of prime land some of the VIPs have been allotted where their last rites were performed.

1… Jawaharlal Nehru……,Shantivan………52.6 acres.
2… Indira Gandhi…………Shanti Sthal……45 acres.
3….Rajeev  Gandhi……… Veer Bhumi……15 acres
4…Lal Bahadur Shastri…. Vijay  Ghat……..40 acres
5…Mahatma Gandhi……. Raj Ghat………..44.35 acres.

Government may have played politics in decision making, but, does not the fault lie with us too? Did we ever raise our voice or showed our concern, except during drawing room discussion?

We seem to have our priorities lopsided. Least we can do is to give respect to our departed soldiers.


Thursday, August 14, 2014


68th Independence Day.

There was a time, especially after 1965 and 1971 wars when every young Indian wanted to join the Armed forces. It was passion, it was Junoon. These were the ones whose parents didn’t insist upon their sons becoming Doctors or Engineer. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan was the buzzword. Every family in Punjab had one Jawan and one Kisan .That was the national commitment.

Somehow, with passage of time, we Indians have lost the sense of National pride. On 4th July, every American holds and waves the national flag. We are expected to remain locked in due to security concerns. There is a dream in the true patriot’s heart that one day he will see a nation, not on the basis of individuality, but its dependence over integrity within diversity.

For last ten long years, every year  we have heard a repetitive (almost) read out  speech from Red Fort .I have never found it to be with any specific substance. Addressing the nation without a message to the nation? If at all, it has always smelt of a preparation for next elections or appeasement. V P Singh even used Red Fort speech to announce Prophet’s birthday as a national holiday...Some of us are still clapping.

There was a time when singing of National Anthem was compulsory in Cinema halls, schools and most of public functions. Pity, today, even some Members of Parliament refuse to accept singing of National Anthem.

Print and electronic media, unfortunately, has not contributed to nation building. Media is expected to be an opinion former. Electronic media’s coverage in India is huge and the viewership is in direct proportion to the number of TV sets. TV channels earn an enviable sum as the Advertisement revenues. The rates are said to be as high as Rs 1 lakh per second of advertisement coverage. TV channels must devote at least 1 (one) minute per hour (1/60) during prime time to social messages for free. In case, they do not do this voluntarily, Government must make it mandatory for them to do so. Similarly, print media must be made to carry social message every day.

After ten years, with a new and a credible Government in place, every true, committed Indian is hoping for change from the ruling establishment, besides peoples’ participation and commitment.

Happy  Independence Day.


Saturday, August 2, 2014


India is a large and diverse country. It has Innumerable languages, different communities and various religious beliefs .Unfortunately, the very strength of our nation has been turned onto our weakness.
There are four words which should be banned for use in India.

For whatever reasons, it is Muslims who get referred to when one uses the word minority. Considering that Sikhs are just about 2% while Muslims are about 19% of our population—who is minority? Logically, it should Sikhs or Parsis. No, but it suits the politicians to label Muslims as minority since it can be used as a vote bulk bank. In the garb of Minority, Government has divided the two communities on religious grounds and exploited the Muslims sentiments. Quotas in Government and educational institutes have been fixed on religious grounds and only Muslims get financial backup from the Govt for Haj whereas Amaranth Yatra is taxed. However much politicians may want to show their concerns for Muslims, in reality it is vote bank. How I wish similar concerns were shown to Parsis,Buddhists,Sikhs etc .Analyzing 2014 results, it seems Muslims are walking away from Congress

During internal emergency declared by Indira Gandhi in June 1975, The 42nd Amendment also amended the Preamble and changed the characterization of India from "Sovereign Democratic Republic to a "Sovereign, Socialist Secular Democratic Republic", and also changed the words "unity of the nation" to "unity and integrity of the nation". That was the day the real problems started in India. Muslims condemn oppression in Gaza. But do they condemn oppression of Hindus, Christians, Ahmadis and Shias in Pakistan? The secular brigade holds up house proceedings wanting to discuss Gaza. When did they raise their voice for Kashmiri Pandits? When did they slam recent disturbances created during Amarnath Yatra? Secularism, by no stretch of imagination is targeting and running down majority community. Irreparable damage has been done to the nation in the name of Secularism. Those who insist upon loudspeakers in Masjids are Seculars and those who want Bells in Mandir are communal.

Those pseudo seculars, who swear by Secularism, brand others as communal. This is one credit card which is fast running out of its sanctioned limit. Iftar parties were discontinued during Lal Bahadur Shastri’s time. It was restarted by Indira Gandhi. If you have ever seen a similar Diwali party, please mark it. You are communal or an elevated Hindu Right-winger if you have not been certified as “Secular”. One is labeled Secular if one supports Urdu language, but, the moment one mentions Sanskrit, one is Communal but it is OK for them to term Sanskrit as JAHILIYA. If one was to claim to be a proud Hindu, God save one from onslaught from Seculars. It is expected of Hindus not to react when they are called Kafirs.

In a democracy, there must not be any place for a Very Important Person. If there is one, it is man on the street who voted them to power. In any flight, first row is reserved for VIP. All trains carry VIP quota. Premier institutes like AIIMS have VIP rooms while poor man has to wait for days to meet a Doctor. Traffic on roads is diverted for VIP movement while there are cases when patients held up in traffic have lost their life, missed their flights. Complete security is provided to even family members of VIPs while working girls are being raped. Eminent Lawyer Mr Haresh Salve is fighting this menace single handed in Apex court


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Indians are obsessed with Politicians and Actors. They are a topic of discussion in drawing rooms, in Metro, Buses just about anywhere.

What could be similarities between the two?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come with a working majority which establishes him as the undisputed leader giving him complete control over BJP and the government. With his perceived system of governance; he could be at the helm of affairs for two terms after which there would be a complete new set of Politicians and Actors. Let look at next decade.

Rahul Gandhi is 43 yrs old and would be 53 by then. He will be one politician who at 53 will be without any experience,except for having been born in a Prime Minister’s house. He is as reluctant but as ambitious a politician as Hema Malini’s daughter Eisha was as an actor. Her only qualification is that she is Hema’s daughter.

Gandhi family may not come to power for a long time to come, but, they always have next man/woman ready to jump into power politics. They are so much like the successful Kapoors clan. Next man is ready to take over...(Ranbir)....Both these families have been kicking around for last five generations. Remember Moti Lal Nehru? Prithvi Raj Kapoor?

Mulayam Singh Yadav and his son Akhilesh reminds one of Dharmendra and Sunny Deol combo. Mulayam is unlikely to come back as much as Dharmendra is unlikely to make a comeback .Akhilesh and Sunny both will continue to struggle till the third generation surfaces, if it does.

Saif Ali,Salmaan  and  Shahrukh  are unlikely to introduce their respective next generation  in coming decade as much as Mamata  and J Jayalalitha  are  unlikely to .

Ajit Singh has been winning his seat and has been a part of all govts in last twenty odd years. His son tried and has failed..Amitabh Bachchan has been winning his admirers for four decades. His son Abhishek seems to have got stuck with Idea Mobile and Prestige Cooker.

Shakti kapoor and Anupam Kher fill in the gaps in most movies as much as Farooq Abdulla and Omar Abdulla fill in the gaps in most govt formations.

Salmaan Khursid,Sushil Shinde,Moily and Antony might end up doing friendly appearance on TV for congress as Sahtrughan  Sinha used to do in movies in 80s.

Paswan has been clever as Vinod Khanna was...Former has tagged on to Modi as Latter tagged on to Amitabh Bachachan.

Lallu and Nitish seem undecided upon the kind of role they would play. May be they would follow Paresh Rawal and accept roles that of a comedian and or a Villain, whatever comes their way.

Kejriwal formed his own party...Ritesh Deshmukh should follow Kejriwal to form his own company since his movies hardly run for 49 days.

Kapil Sibal would even then be following AryaBhatta and redefining ZERO.

Maya Wati is unique and unpredictable.

Strugglers like Tushaar Kapoor,Bobby Deol are sure to find company  amongst struggling  politicians.

On one issue actors and politicians may have conflict of interest. Actors mayl become good politicians while politicians will never become good actors.

Some actors have played Reel life "AliBaba Chalis Chor" while some politicians played that in Real life.


Saturday, June 21, 2014



He was an Indian. He was killed in Pune..

Being a software engineer Sadiq naturally knew computers better than some of us. Allegedly, he posted derogatory pictures of Shivaji Maharaj and our Balasaheb on Face Book. Pictures were uploaded from four different computers in Netherlands,Saudi Arabia,France and Romania as told by  Police officer to PTI.

Naturally, sentiments were hurt.

In the first place, he should not have done what he did knowing well that it could create unrest and trouble. However, what has happened subsequently as a result must be condemned and should never have happened. But, it is about a larger issue.

Sadiq was killed by a mob .Sadiq didn’t die because he was a Muslim. Sadiq died because of mob with overcharged emotions could not be controlled. It is a pity that media made this into a Hindu -Muslim issue, which it was not. Most of the print media, most search engines, and most TV channels have given a religious angle this unfortunate killing. What is most disturbing is each one playing up with word MUSLIM.

“The Pune Muslim killed”, reported Headlines Today.
“Muslim techie beaten to death, tension prevails in Pune”, reported ABP news
‘The news of a Muslim being killed by a mob on a public street in Pune on Monday night brought back disturbing memories of the 1992-93 riots..” Writes, another Paper.

For those who might have missed it, Mumbai Shakti mill rapists were all Muslim. The girl raped was a Hindu. Did any section of media report “Hindu girl raped by Muslim men”? No One did. Is there a pattern in reporting?

Media must stop be divisive.It is the responsibility and job of media to report facts and news without playing with words so as to avoid creating a rift or to play up already charged emotions. It is high time media realised that days of sycophancy and days of minority appeasement by Congress are gone and may be never to return. Let media no longer give a message of being anti Hindu. Let media refrain from creating a religious divide two communities. We are all Indians first and communities later. Muslims have now seen through the game played by media with political support and will not succumb to media’s divisive strategy.

Let all of us work towards a dream Prime Minister Modi has identified.
Modi govt has given a clear message of ‘Sabka  Vikas,Sabke Saath” .