Friday, March 6, 2015


British left India in 1947.

They removed the Union jack.

They Hoisted the Indian Tricolors.

We were Independent.

Yes, we are free.We still continue to  live with a typical colonial mind set and are afraid of changing the systems, laws and rules set by the British?

No wonder someone correctly said….”Some Indians are more British than British are”.

Indian bureaucracy still continues to work in exactly under the same system of files. After 1962 Chinese war, then Defense Minister said in Parliament “Decision may have been wrong to o to war, but the file was right”.  Babus still go to the Gymkhana for lunch from 12 noon till almost 3.30 pm .In any case, 5.30 is the time to go home. Babus still give same importance to golf as they did during the Raaj. Even a small high nose habit of getting tea served with tea warmer hat by the peon remains a need of the Babu. Culture of “Orderly” for them still persists. In digital India peons for Babus are still needed outside his room.

There are separate clubs like Delhi Gymkhana for Babus as was during Raaj. There are still clubs where entry with Dhoti or Kurta Pajama is not allowed. There are special schools like SANSKRITI for children of Babus.

Politicians have followed British to the T. Their style of living, their Luteyans bungalows, their security, and their perks could actually put Lord Mountbatten and lord Luteyans to shame.Babus have yet to realize that they are not working for the Queen.

Until this January, during the Republic day parade “beating of the retreat” we played old colonial tunes’. It took us 68 yrs to change a tune whereas Bollywood comes with a new tune every minute.

Quite a few of us may not really be aware of the fact that India Navy Flag even today carries Red Cross of St George. Is it not time to consider a change? Has it been a deliberate effort by Government to give us continued feeling of slavery?

British worked on divide and rule policy and the same policy have been practiced by most Government in India. Social fabric has been systematically destroyed by politicians by dividing Indians on basis of religion, region, caste and sub-caste. Someone even claimed Colonial arranged murder of Mahatma Gandhi to impose a ban on Hindu Mahasabha and RSS.

Indian judicial system was a direct take from the British system. While British have changed /improvised, we are still stuck. Backlog in Indian courts will take over 300 yrs to end.

We still follow criminal laws which were framed in the year 1861.Section 304 and (304 A) are classic examples.

We still follow Indian Postal laws framed in 1898.

Policeman still holds the Lathi he did in 1935.

Even when it came to loot, we follow the British. British looted India of $10 Trillion.”What is England now?” fumed the Whig litterateur Horace Walpole, “A sink of Indian wealth”. There will be a time when someone will say exactly same words for those who looted via CWG, COAL, SPECTRUM, THORIUM, MINES, DEFENSE DEALS, and NATURAL RESOURCES etc. Sum total of this loot might turn The British in their grave."Cut" is the new word for "Bakshish"

With Indians entering British parliament,may be it will help change  our colonial mind set.




Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Do not wait for the danger signal to beep...Just give it up before it gets too late.
I started smoking when I was just 19 years of age. It all started with me trying to impress those around me and it was just “cool”. I always felt that I was giving to others and to myself feeling of having grown up. Before I realized what I was walking into, I had reached a stage when I used to consume almost 40 cigarettes a day. It was all about living life king-size. Most of the boys follow almost the same pattern and end up being addicted.
I gave up smoking since I started receiving danger signal
It is so simple starting smoking but is extremely difficult giving it up which is applicable to every bad habit .Tobacco contains highly addictive nicotine .Stastically, 90% of smokers started before they were 18 yrs of age. Smoking is bad for your health. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Cigarette smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. It is also responsible for many other cancers and health problems. These include lung disease, heart and blood vessel disease, stroke and cataracts. Women who smoke have a greater chance of certain pregnancy problems or having a baby die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Your smoke is also bad for other people - they breathe in your smoke second hand and can get many of the same problems as smokers do……( NIH: National Cancer Institution)

It is all about addiction .Once you start; it is very difficult to stop.  Like heroin or other addictive drugs, the body and mind quickly become so used to the nicotine in cigarettes that a person needs to have it just to feel normal. . Smoking doesn’t just cause cancer. There are plenty of things smoking does to your body that can be considered worse than death.
Thankfully, there is greater awareness in India on danger of smoking. Cigarette companies aren’t allowed to advertise and smoking is banned in all public places.
Actually, since it is so dangerous to smoke, why doesn't the Government ban its manufacture?It wont as  It collects 350% excise duty on cigarette manufacturing.
Smoking is not allowed during flights. Have you ever wondered as to why aircrafts still have Ash Trays in the toilets? (Keep guessing)
Actually, since it is so dangerous to smoke, why doesn't the Government ban its manufacture? It wont as it collects 350% excise duty on cigarette manufacture.
I could give up smoking, so can you.
Do not walk away with excuse “I have decided to cut down on smoking”
You are either a smoker, or you are not one.
All you need is “will power”...Sorry it is “will not power”
Until then, live healthy.


Monday, February 9, 2015



In the last ten years of rule by appeasement and many more reasons, there are suspicious demographic changes taking place in India. In Kaliyug, it is to distinguish between Rajtantra and Rajshadyantra. Kingdoms topple on this. Shakuni did not know this but Krishna did (said Swamy via twitter).

It’s official. Hindu population share dips below 80%. Chew on that for a moment.

Do not be surprised that Islamic decadal leads over Hindu decadal growth rate touches 4%.It may make some politicians (Sic) happy when they read about Muslim decadal growth 2001-2011, least since independence 1951-61(25%) 1961-71(30%) 1971-81(30%) 1981-91(33%) 1991-20019(29%) 2001-11(24%).

While the Hindu decadal growth in India was 14.5%, Muslim decadal population growth is 24% in India, 20% in Pakistan and 14% in Bangladesh.

Total Muslim population increased from 25.2% to 27% in West Bengal, a growth of 1.9% over last10 years which is more than double the national average. In Lakshadweep, Muslims have gone from 95.5% to 96.2%. Muslim population grows by 24% while national average is at 18% as per 2011 census data.

 As the Muslim population grows in Assam, it might inch closer to "Beirut effect" demographic tipping point.

Certain historical facts cannot be ignored.

A mere less than 50000 British Army ruled India for 200 odd years.

Babar came into India with less than 11000 soldiers and the rule lasted for four centuries.

Prithviraj Chauhan had defeated Ghauri and allowed him to leave.Ghauri came back with a bigger army soon thereafter and defeated Prithviraj.

After 1971 war, 93000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered before India Army accepting defeat. Indira Gandhi agreed to release those soldiers….Rest is history.

We might soon be proving The Oxford English Dictionary wrong which defines ‘Nation’ as “a large group of people sharing the same culture, language or history, and inhabiting a particular state”.

Wall Steer Journal has written about growth of Muslim population in India over Hindus.

Please look at the two pictures here .Both these speak volumes.


(Information here and pictures are courtesy social media platforms)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


“Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief”………..Leo Burnett

It is an established fact that unless print or electronic media gets advertising support, it will have problems of survival. It is the Government t which has the resources which eventually become a simple give and take deal. We will advertise, and you promote us (A political party).

With  multiple options available for advertising, with expanding consumer base, with availability of extra disposable income, every conceivable product has been on extra advertising band wagon for last few years.

Experts must be divided as to what extent advertising is good for a product. Millions are spent on products like McDonalds on advertising .If the product is good and has a consumer acceptance and a base, why spend so much on Ad budget?

Should Indian Oil be advertising? What is it advertising of and for? Unless, such cases of public sector undertakings advertising are to support a section of media or a particular media house. What needs to be advertised is “Vada Pav” to take McDonalds head on. It is “Masala Dosa” which needs multiple layer advertising for world market.

I was amazed to see the multiple ranges of FMCG products lined up in stores without, perhaps, any advertising or a negligible budget. How could a company plan a turnover of Rs 2000 crores this year without emphasis on advertising? It could be a cause of concern to big boys like Hindustan Levers etc.

Perhaps, it could be an interesting case study for advertising experts, for product managers and of course the media.


Friday, December 19, 2014


No matter how thin you slice it, there will always be two sides.

2004-2014 was party time for media. It was decade of media sycophants. It was decade of media opportunists. It was decade of the favor seekers. It was a decade of minority appeasement via media. It was the decade of powerful media power brokers. That was the time when media exploited the fluid situation and a weak Government to its maximum advantage. That was the decade when media personalities claimed to operate out of Prime Minister’s house and even fix ministerial appointments.PR agencies were hired to fix deals for industrial houses with help of media houses. All about quid pro quo .How else can one explain a news channel making losses for ten years and still surviving?

 Media would report news from their “Sources” which was nothing except a particular party’s view. But, it won’t report as to how quietly a new category of “Missionary Visa” was introduced. Hidden agenda of issuance of such Visas is now apparent. There were leaks from CBI, MEA and other important departments to help media convert every issue into BJP v/s Congress—Hindus v/s Muslims. Media insisted calling Pakistan terror attacks by “Non State Actors” but not Terrorists. Media has surreptitiously supported Anti Hindus, Anti National Anthem supporters. At every opportunity, Hindus were targeted in name of “saffron terror” while never a “green” terror. Yogi Adityanath was projected as a villain while Owaisi “saab”a hero. How can one forget media coverage of Batla house? When minority community got exposed, media would complete formality by adding “Alleged”

Some journalists have behaved like Nehruvian historians by distorting Hinduism and glorifying Muslim invaders. They insist calling those holding ISIS flags as “Misguided Youth” and not terrorists....Sadhvi(Hindu) is being targeted for using “Haramzada” while media is quiet on National Conference (Muslim) calling those attending Prime Minister’s rally as “Bastards” One senior journalist has coined a term “Internet Hindoos” on social  media.

Senior journalist, Swathi Chaturvedi, has tweeted “Dear fellow journos, it is our job to pontificate on all knows & unknowns, but do remember snowboarding fun while water boarding torture” One lady TV anchor went to the extent of saying “Ram is a divine encroacher.” She would realize the seriousness and consequences if she had said this about any other religion. Her husband was so brave that he used “F” word on social media and none other than Amitabh Bachchan had to take him on politely.

Post 16th May 2014, situation has changed. There are no more leaks from CBI, no leaks from MEA, no free overseas trips on board Prime Minister’s plane. With newsbreaks having dried up from “Sources”, media is left with no news, especially with PMO remaining out of reach of media.
Hence, what is the news?

Frozen Baba to be cremated.
Baba Rampal arrested.
Dilip Kumar discharged from hospital.
Sonia Gandhi to visit Rae Bareilly for two days.
Sonia Gandhi is unwell.
Why is 25th Dec being called good governance day?
Rahul slams BJP.
This is the level of news reporting they have fallen to.

And… Paidmedia,news traders  continue struggling for “Breaking News” and will continue struggle for next decade.


Friday, November 28, 2014


 Divinity has so designed the world that “A man does not control his own fate; a woman in his life does that for him”

Women are caring, women loving.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind every unsuccessful man, there must two.

Woman is known as the lady of the house, in realty she is the man of the house.

Men have always been dependent on women. At different stages of his life, man has had to depend on a lady figure. Sometime it s the Mother, It is Sister, It is teacher, it is Wife, it is daughter-in Law and  in certain cases it could be the girl friend not to forget the Mother-in Law.

Look at the game of chess. It is the Queen who protects the King.

Man depends on his wife’s fast to live longer, the ultimate magic of Karwa Chauth....but, never fasts for wife’s long life.

Man depends on Mata Laxmi for wealth.

Man depends on Mata Saraswati for knowledge.

Man depends on Mata Durga for strength.

Shivaji Maharaj’s,founder of Maratha Empire, was devoted to his Mother Mata Jijabai  who stood by him in every hour of crises.

Mahrana Pratap’s was mentored by his Mother Maharani Jaivantibai.

Looking after the house and the children is unexplained, but, expected to be responsibility of the women.

In Hindu Dharma, daughter is treated as a Goddess.

Amitabh Bachachan was bang on when he said “Daughters are soul of the house”.

But, But…there are lots of people who have a different opinion.

Vice Chancellor of AMU will not allow girls in Library.

Congress candidate Mohammad Bhatt from Kashmir says “Unmarried daughters are a liability to their fathers”

A report in says “51% of men in India believe that a woman must endure domestic violence to keep her family together”

A study conducted by UN quoted says “6 in 10 India men admit violence against wives”(@ht.tweets).

Incidentally,25th Nov is celebrated as "International day for the elimination of violence against women".  

“Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.”....Joseph Conard..........As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot….John Lennon.

Men...We are so dependent.Why,Oh,Why.


Saturday, November 8, 2014


After decades we have had divine blessings. This is the first time India has voted for India. Narendra Modi is the new Prime Minister. For God sake, wait. Give him time.

Managing a country with 1.2+ billion expectations is not easy. There is no magic by which situation can be brought under control after ten years of misrule. Foreign relations, Economy, Internal Security, Border management and unity of the country have been in a mess for years.

In a short period of a few months in office, Prime Minister has taken various decisions and implemented some of far reaching consequences. From the day of taking oath in presence of SAARC members till the official visit to America after one to Japan and China, a lot has changed with brand India. On diplomatic front each initiative has enhanced the status of India and a strong message has been given to India’s adversaries.Brand India is alive once again.

In 150 days, labor laws have been amended, Diesel has been deregulated, and coal stands denationalized. In five months Petrol prices have been reduced on five occasions and after years it first time Diesel prices have been reduced. This is a major step towards controlling inflation.

In 67 yrs since independence, no Prime Minister was ever inclined to go to Siachen. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent his Diwali with the Jawans in freezing cold. It is less about Siachen and more about moral of the Armed forces. Those who understand this would be able to react to the body language of the Jawans.

Initiatives have been taken on Black money. For over two years, despite a directive from the Supreme Court, previous Government did not appoint an SIT. Soon after coming to power, Modi Government appointed one. A major stumbling block could be the treaties which previous Government made with countries by which information would not be asked for retrospectively.

Over 6 crore accounts with deposits of close to Rs 5000 crores  have been opened under the new Dhan Jan Yojna scheme by which poor man will benefit with insurance cover.

Swatch Abhiyan is a major initiative. Who would not benefit with a clean India?

Media and its secular brigade hounded Modi for twelve years at no end. He chose not to answer every media man/woman and stood like a rock. Perhaps, in his place someone else would have been vindictive.

Prime Minister and his cabinet are focused on growth. Even otherwise, on Maslow’s theory of hierarchy, people will move to next level of growth only after basic needs are satisfied.

After decades of decayed sentiments, man on the street is feeling a sense of belonging and has hopes of Ache Din .Modi's style of functioning could be a matter of debate,but,he has a success story behind him of twelve years of governance in Gujarat.

It is a relief to have got over ten years of misrule of congress led UPA under Man Mohan Singh.

With his actions, Narendra Modi is smashing Nehruvian consensus.