Saturday, June 25, 2016

DECADE 2004-2014


Who won in 2014? BJP or India? 

After her sacrifice (?), Sonia appointed honest man as PM and started rule by Proxy. Allegedly, important files were sent to High Command for approval and “Deals” were fixed. Governance took the hit as no MP /minister would consult the PM on major issues .Above all, NAC (National Advisory Council) was formed by Sonia from amongst handpicked members with Sonia as the chairperson which ruled without responsibility but with full authority. Why did Man Mohan Singh accept humiliation is a mystery?

In 1975, media bent backwards out of fear. This time, it was greed. Media was manipulated. The power of Govt Ads and its monetary value is unprecedented. Discretionary quota was used to allot accommodation and positions to media bigwigs with free overseas trips aboard PM’s flight, VIP treatment and with all perks that come with PM’s entourage. Media became powerful that it started even to brokerage appointment of ministers.”I am at 7RCR” announced a TV news anchor. Each wanted to get close to power so as to become powerful. If you don’t kill your enemy, it will kill you. Media wasn’t touched.

NGOs were given licenses under FCRA and same NGOs/funds were surreptitiously used against political opponents and also allegedly for anti national activities. Some NGOs were owned by serving Babus and senior Advocates of SC. Over 10,000 NGO licenses have since been cancelled.

National security was compromised. When Chinese intruded,the then MEA termed it as ACNE. Case of Ishrat Jahan is in news with not much comfort. How could original files go missing from ministry? Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya are live examples of the strategy. Illegal immigration of Muslims was ignored and missionaries were issued Visas who indulged in mass conversions. A drive through Punjab will see sudden spurt of Churches in areas where never has ever been a Christian. Phrase “Saffron Terror” was coined to appease minorities. Hindus were advised on Colorless Holi, Cracker less Diwali and no Rakhi, but never a Bloodless Eid was spoken about. Assam,WB,Kerala demographics were allowed to change. Roland Reagan had said “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation” Efforts were at full throttle to divide Hindus. Had they succeeded in passing CVB (Communal Violence Bill), half Hindu population would have been on jail. Had PrithviRaj Chauhan killed Mohd Ghori, no such thing would have happened.

The then PM said “Minorities have the first charge over natural resources”. While he was stating this, under his nose, due to “Coalition compulsions”, loot of natural resources was on. Be it Spectrum, Coal, Thorium, Land grab, CWG. No amount of enquiry would have helped. I once wrote this phrase from Twitter The corrupt accuse corrupt of being corrupt and the corrupt investigate the corrupt and absolve the corrupt of being corrupt”

Congress infiltrated into Police, CBI, judiciary and Babudom. Those who played ball, had post retirement positions ready and those who didn’t had their files ready for CBI and IT .Babus continued to live in Colonial days with a game of Golf during working hours and lunch at Delhi Gymkhana

Someday, some historian will write about this disastrous decade for next generation never to make the mistakes we made.


Friday, August 7, 2015


Since the day Parliament session started, there has been no business conducted.
Forget about the costs involved; forget about nonsensical behavior of MPs.
Forget about how much is world laughing at Indian democracy.
Forget about who is for discussion and who is not.
Forget about who is for clearing important bills or not.

Everyone knows which party President and which party is responsible for disruption.

What is obvious is hatred of media for Narendra Modi Govt as media is picking up and broadcasting bytes of all non bjp members each byte being played by media is suggestive of blame being put on bjp. There are a lot of statements being given by bjp, but, media chooses either not to air those or pick up those which are perceived to be harmless to congress.


Thursday, August 6, 2015


I have been away from blogsphere for almost three months. I am trying to get to the logical reasons, but, it is taking time.
May be I realized a bit late that my blogs were running into 400-50 words  and in days of Twitter and Face Book ,perhaps, it is shorter  blogs which are needed. For some time, I have been writing on Face Book  and putting links on twitter for blogs running into less than 200 words. The response in terms of comments and Likes and RTs has been quite good.
Hence, now onwards, I will try and write shorter blog posts while it is difficult for me not to write about current affairs  and the media.
Both are six feet under the ground with their respective performances.

But, let see.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


After Man Mohan Singh took over as PM,he said “Dawood Ko nahin Chodein Gein” (We will not leave Dawood). It was converted into a joke on a comedy show “Chodein Se Pahley Pakarna Zarrori Hai”( you have to get him before you release him).

Dawood has been absconding for over two decades. Intelligence agencies have been releasing his latest addtress, his passport numbers, and his movement from Karachi etc.

India maintains that it has been asking Pakistan to hand over Dawood to India.

Dawood’s contact with Film fraternity, with powerful politicians and builders is well known, even though they may want to dismiss this allegation.Allegedly; he maintained good contacts and PR with the police too.

Recently, Ex Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar broke a piece of news saying Dawood offered to surrender conditionally, but, somewhere someone put a spoke in the wheel. Neeraj Kumar has spoken after years, is a matter of concern and his turn around on his statement is curios too, but does not take away facts about Dawood’s surrender.

I distinctively remember, during an Interview to a TV channel, Ram Jehtmalani   had also confirmed that Dawood spoke to him while he was in London and wanted to surrender to Indian authorities. Such proposal was turned down by those in power or was powerful enough to stall his surrender. JethMalani is one man whose version cannot be doubted as he is a man of principles and conviction. Mahesh Jethmalani has also confirmed the statement of Sr JethMalani.

In coming days, issue will get twisted whether Dawood offered to surrender or not. Under pressure from political and powerful politicians, main stream media will kill this story systematically.

It just the right time for PM Modi Government to not worry about surrender, but, investigate and expose all those who scuttled agencies’ efforts in brining Dawood to negotiation table and made him agree on his surrender. Let’s not hide behind certain sections of law which do not permit conditional surrender (heard this on a TV discussion).

Those who are quoting such sections of law, might like to answer!!!
AS to how was Qutrochi allowed to leave?
How  was Anderson allowed to leave?
How  was Abu Salem brought in conditionally?

Whatever is in National interest must be done and those who are well wishers of Dawood, have worries of business deals being exposed must be brought to books.

It is time to expose the “Bosses”


Wednesday, April 29, 2015


What is the correct terminology, I don’t know, but, PM Narendra Modi Government has put over 10000 NGOs on watch list and put on hold disbursement of their funds. For quite some time now, especially over last decade, there have been voices that spoke against these NGOs, but, were not loud enough fearing a backlash from Man Mohan Singh Government which in any case was being run from elsewhere. Perhaps, Government was being guided by institutions like NAC which were under direct control of Sonia Gandhi.

Overnight, India had more NGOs per thousand compared to number of policeman per thousand.

Allegedly these NGOs (?) were involved in anti India activities. They have not filed their returns over the years despite reminders after new Government took charge in 2014.Under prevailing FCRA rules, there are certain obligations NGOs have to fulfill, which they have not.

Is it too much of a coincidence that all those who kept gunning for Narendra Modi were funded by same foundation? Teesta Setalvad, Greenpeace, Arvind  Kejriwal, Indian Media ? List could be larger, much larger.

Question here is much larger. If the NGOs were not following the rules, were funding those who were into politics, were allegedly into anti India activities...why were they allowed a free run from 2004-2014? Who was patronizing them? Why was Election Commission, Income Tax deptt, Intelligence agencies not allowed to act against them? Who allowed anti India activities to carry on? These are some of the important and relevant questions. If the surface is scratched, quite a few important and powerful leaders (?) could feel the heat and embarrassment… be it.

Law of the land will hear and decide upon NGOs, but, before that Government must set up a time bound high level enquiry commission headed by a Supreme Court judge with clear terms of reference.

There cannot be any compromise on national security, irrespective of how high and mighty may have been involved.



I have been away for quite some time from Blogsphere.
I will try and be more regular now.

Friday, March 6, 2015


British left India in 1947.

They removed the Union jack.

They Hoisted the Indian Tricolors.

We were Independent.

Yes, we are free.We still continue to  live with a typical colonial mind set and are afraid of changing the systems, laws and rules set by the British?

No wonder someone correctly said….”Some Indians are more British than British are”.

Indian bureaucracy still continues to work in exactly under the same system of files. After 1962 Chinese war, then Defense Minister said in Parliament “Decision may have been wrong to o to war, but the file was right”.  Babus still go to the Gymkhana for lunch from 12 noon till almost 3.30 pm .In any case, 5.30 is the time to go home. Babus still give same importance to golf as they did during the Raaj. Even a small high nose habit of getting tea served with tea warmer hat by the peon remains a need of the Babu. Culture of “Orderly” for them still persists. In digital India peons for Babus are still needed outside his room.

There are separate clubs like Delhi Gymkhana for Babus as was during Raaj. There are still clubs where entry with Dhoti or Kurta Pajama is not allowed. There are special schools like SANSKRITI for children of Babus.

Politicians have followed British to the T. Their style of living, their Luteyans bungalows, their security, and their perks could actually put Lord Mountbatten and lord Luteyans to shame.Babus have yet to realize that they are not working for the Queen.

Until this January, during the Republic day parade “beating of the retreat” we played old colonial tunes’. It took us 68 yrs to change a tune whereas Bollywood comes with a new tune every minute.

Quite a few of us may not really be aware of the fact that India Navy Flag even today carries Red Cross of St George. Is it not time to consider a change? Has it been a deliberate effort by Government to give us continued feeling of slavery?

British worked on divide and rule policy and the same policy have been practiced by most Government in India. Social fabric has been systematically destroyed by politicians by dividing Indians on basis of religion, region, caste and sub-caste. Someone even claimed Colonial arranged murder of Mahatma Gandhi to impose a ban on Hindu Mahasabha and RSS.

Indian judicial system was a direct take from the British system. While British have changed /improvised, we are still stuck. Backlog in Indian courts will take over 300 yrs to end.

We still follow criminal laws which were framed in the year 1861.Section 304 and (304 A) are classic examples.

We still follow Indian Postal laws framed in 1898.

Policeman still holds the Lathi he did in 1935.

Even when it came to loot, we follow the British. British looted India of $10 Trillion.”What is England now?” fumed the Whig litterateur Horace Walpole, “A sink of Indian wealth”. There will be a time when someone will say exactly same words for those who looted via CWG, COAL, SPECTRUM, THORIUM, MINES, DEFENSE DEALS, and NATURAL RESOURCES etc. Sum total of this loot might turn The British in their grave."Cut" is the new word for "Bakshish"

With Indians entering British parliament,may be it will help change  our colonial mind set.