Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It is very unfortunate that an important Minister, PRD Munshi is not well.Pappu wishes him a speedy recovery.
At times,one wonders how the Ministers manage to get the best medical treatment,especially in the hospitals where patients are lying on the floor for days and nights together waiting for their turn.May be,some of them have serious problems...may be uncurable.Everyone can't be lucky to have treatment from famous Dr like Dr Den Henley from John Hopkins University Hospital.A section of the press carried news item that he was flown in to look into the condition of Dasmunshi.Who paid for it is not important.What is important is that a minister needed best medical attention..which he got.Sometime back there was news that one ex PM has had medical treatment for his kidney ailment at a premium hospital in London.Who paid for it is not important.More important is that an ex PM of the country got his treatment.
Pappu is not wanting to know of the expenses incurred on similar treatments at time when India has the best medical facilities and is promoting medical tourism..Pappu may be wanting to know mera number kab ayega.
Only the other day Metronation,a popular TV channel had studio guests on medical facilities .Discussions centered around GTB hospital in Delhi.It was shocking to hear that the hospital does'nt have enough gloves,critical machines are not working,there is shortage of Doctors.One of the panelists had the guts to tell us that they cant find enough Doctors.Sec,Health informed the panel that providing money to the health sector was not a problem.Most interesting reply to this came from Dr Dave..ex Director AIIMS....yes money is not a problem but when the Hospital puts in request fror money....it becomes a file and goes around.It was also stated that to establish one AIIMS,they need Rs 500cr.Is it too much money for the health of the poor in the country? I wish some one tells Pappu of the total NPAs to banks from the industry...we might be able to ,perhaps,build 100+ AIIMS in the country from that amount.Decision lies with the establishment, do they want friendly industry or healthy youth who will one day take this nation to greater heights.Instead of worrying about the administration of AIIMS and smoking ban in the movies,it may be worth for the Health Minister to take a round of few hospitals to see for himself the condition of the waiting patiants...they are lying on the floor.There are'nt chairs, there is no provision for drinking water,condition of the toilets is terrible,cleaneness is next to godliness was only in the school books.However,all this is not so in the special(vip)wards.
Perhaps, time has now come to wake up to reality of the situation and do take some corrective steps.More than 80crore people in the country do'nt have basic medical facility..establishment must think of them besides thinking of the VIPs and their treatments in India and abroad at the tax payers expense...will some NGO please read this and take up this cause.Pappu is actually suffering...look after him.He needs attention.

B K Chowla

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