Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A TYPICAL DAY B k chowla

It was again Monday,the laziest day of the week.Pappu got up as usual in the morning and was happy that there was water in the tap.Excited,he told his wife the good news of water but realised,there was'nt electricity,so he had a cold water bath.
Pappu read the morning news about aviation sector having sacked 800 staff.Worried he was , there was fear of prospective sacking in the BPO sector also.Whilst leaving for work,Pappu tried to explain to his wife on the slow down in the US economy and the consequences for Indian BPOs.Most unconcened,she reminded him to get ALOO and SHIMLA MIRCH from the weekly market in the evening(Rs 17 and Rs 69/kg)

Pappu drove his scooter very carefully on the left side avoiding all the pot holes and the under construction metro flyover as yesterday one collapsed crushing Blueline bus and few cars(they say some people died and the contractor was fined).As a consequence of driving slow,Pappu reached late to work.He was told ,HR is holding a meeting with the management to decide on the fate of the excess staff.He held his breath(was worried about ALOO and shimla mirchi) till he was told he was in safe zone due to intervention of the Govt as in case of aviation staff .Confidentially,Pappu came to know that they actually got saved as it was MD's daughter's birthday and he was in good mood.(they dined at the TAJ and signed the credit card worth crisis you see)Pappu called home to say he will leave in time...he normally uses office landline as incoming on his wife's mobile is free.In case of emergency,she gives him a missed call.On his way back ,he stopped at the weekly market but price was Rs 20 and Rs 72/kg respectively.Keeping his budget in mind,he bought lesser qty to compensate for the price increase.

On reaching home,while listening to TV news he was happy,there was electricity,petrol prices were not raised,gas still has subsidy,Rs strenthened by 1.5 paise against Dollar,there was'nt any bomb blast the whole day ,Govt assured they will not tolerate any terror attacks,there was'nt any breaking news that inflation had gone up,Parliament woked the lowest number of days this year in history..hence less voilence in the Parliament,there was no threat to the Govt from any partner,sensex was above 10000 level,there was assurance from Finance Minister that economy is in good shape except growth will be slow(Rs is weaking against the $),banks are safe so are deposits,CM assured that there will be judicial enquiry on flyover collapse,compensation was announced for the family of the dead(they should consider a seperate budget allocation for compensations in the next Finance bill),penalty was imposed on the contractor of the flyover,there is hope that BPOs also may be considered for a bailout package
.Pappu was very relaxed till his wife asked him of the prices of ALOO and SHIMLA MIRCHI.He tried explaning her of the meaning of all the assurances the Govt has givenon the TV.She was quite upset that Kunki....Tulsi is going off air after 8 years from 10th NOV, and the Govt has'nt yet appointed an commission of enquiry.Pappu was about to retire for the day and looking forward to another good and safe day tomorrow and Pappu's wife was in her own thoughts,contend with small happy moments with Tulsi...we are all busy with our own day to day problems...till the candidates come asking for votes without even telling us as to was the fate of last election promises.We still do'nt know the power of our vote.
B K Chowla




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