Sunday, November 30, 2008

My comments on IBNLIVE...B K Chowla

'Ban Bajrang Dal, protect Christians in India' Read story

Posted by Karan Thapar at 02:44 AM, Sep 29, 2008 in India
Vincent Concessao says the church does not serve to get converts.

Posted by bchowla at 04:46 AM, Sep 29, 2008
Again,Karan Thapar's entire interview smells of bias,and a precnceived notions.In fact ,read the text again and one will realise it is he who was actually prompting Concessao as to what answer to give and detailing meaning of what he said.
Surprised,Karan ,i used to look forward to your programmes.Not any more..Modi's..Arun Jaitley..Aroon Shourie they all put you in your place.You need to change Karan.

B K Chowla
posted on my blog on 30/11/08
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