Friday, November 21, 2008

Present~Future.....Think(B K CHOWLA)PART 2

continued from part 1.......

Another question still remains to be probed.Why is the condition of roads in all the cities is bad?How is the condition of roads in all the VIP areas is so good?Why does the surface of roads differ in VIP areas and"ordinary" areas?One does not need Divine intervension to get to the bottom of it.One would get a logical answer on the expected line.... heavy traffic on VIP roads is restricted,hence those remain better.Well said.What about Road Research Institute?If they take pride in what they are meant to be doing,then they should have studied the traffic flow,density of traffic and all other technical requirements to ensure all cities get world class roads.And why not? Each vehicle on the road has contributed to the tax kitty.If we can succeeded in our Moon Mission,we can set example of world class Metro..why not proper roads? Answer lies with the honestly.

While on the subject of infrastructure,self assessment by the Ministry of Power may be an eye opener.We can only draw our conclusions from what is being reported in the press.What is additional generation capacity created in the last (a) 2yrs(b)5yrs(c)10 yrs?.Compare this with what each Govt had committed before each election.Despite shortage of power,no VIP goes without electricity which is free(mauja-hi-mauja) Answer lies with the honestly.

People like Pappu and Lalli base their assessment on media reports,we can take a look at the part this important organ of Democracy plays.Media,in early days print,and now electronic,has played themost important role in keeping the democracy flag flying high.One can complain about some of the TV channel's slight bias,but arn't TV channels run by human beings?Also,TV news channel is business and is expected to give returns on the investment .Surely,each one of them tries to over-do the others.Take Obama..Oh maa!One channel-head went to the extent of comparing his hair style to that of Obama.One remark of Obama during his election speech made the headlines where he had said that Pakistan has been using Aid money against India.Please,It is only a political statement which makes good political reading.Again,Obama mentions 'K' word,there is breaking news all over.After Obama was declared winner and speaks to Heads of 15 States including Pakistan,TV channels take over.Why not with our PM? Finally,Obama talks to Dr Manmohan Singh.All feel releived. Let us please understand,like any other US President,even Obama will say and do what is in the US National interest.Their politics does not go against national interest.Besides ,arushi murder case is another example where media was very aggressive and positive.....except for few "EXCLUSIVE" story.All in all,media has played an important role in all areas concening urban India.

One hopes rural India will also get it's share of coverage.May be focus should be on infrastructure.Rest will by-itself take momentum....including problem of the farmers.
Lalli raised few more issues like
Bangladeshi immigrants
Police reforms
Internal security etc
Govt should actually announce their policy on the above issues.It will only add to credibility.
Pappu also mentioned corruption,well,according to Lalli,it is no longer a problem.It only has to be legalised.Let us please do so soon as Parliament meets.
Incidentally,it was reported in a section of the press that in the history of independent India,this year Parliament has met for the least number of days....something like 35 days in all.(cost of running parliment can taken in the next blog)
One generally feels India is doing good compared to rest of the world...yes it is.Yes it is...reasonable GDP growth,democratic values still in-tact,free media,moon mission,winning spree on cricket ground etc.But to middle class man all this takes a back seat as he still fighting for Electricity,Water,Roads,Inflation,Job risk coupled with stories of cash for vote,Raj Thackery's adventures,language and caste based politics,politics above national interest etc.
Himself an honest man,if Dr Manmohan Singh takes these matters seriously,he would have done a great service to the country.He still has
Time on his side
Sonia Gandhi on his side
Honest people on his side
Rahul Gandhi on his side
Kismet on his side(or he would not have been the PM).
For people to get the feeling of feel good factor,PM should be like the pilot who swithces of the seat belt sign after coming out of bad weather.I will take you to your destination.I think he will.
Pappu,Lalli and the likes are hopeful,Dr Manmohan Singh will prove to be a good pilot.
B K Chowla

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