Saturday, January 24, 2009

DUTTs...................B K Chowla

In the recent past so much has been and is being written about Sanjay Dutt joining politics and his family problems.

Old times come back to my mind.

I was introduced to Mr Sunil Dutt in the 80’s by a common friend,G.P Aggarwal.
Mr Dutt and I actually took instant liking for each other.
.G P, myself and Duttsaab used to meet as often as we could .He was a very helpful person and stood by his friends in time of need and I campaigned for him when he fought elections in 1984…..successfully.I can claim to have known him personally and very well.

Let us put this on record.Dutt’s has been a very well knit family and those who are over reacting to the statements by Priya and Sanjay must have some axe to grind.

Media ,in any case want some juicy stories to keep their TRPs on the charts.
My suggestion to those interested is to leave Priya and Sanjay alone.
Sanjay is a very responsible man and he will sort out his family problems,if any, within the family and sort out his political issues with the party.
If Sanjay wins, I am sure he will,he will be an asset to the party.

My best wishes are with him.

B K Chowla

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