Friday, January 2, 2009


Dr Kiran Bedi is one lady who does not need introduction. She is said to be one of the most honest and principled ladies and one from the Police force.She gave up her cushy job when she was superseeded by a much junior officer as the CP,Delhi.
Yesterday, she was addressing the youth in a question /answer session on a TV channel.
What she said and said forcfully on security.
She says ,when the Parliament was attacked,they(govt) secured the Parliament.After which they(politicians) secured themselves (nsg was made to protetct vips) Seeing the miserable situation on security, the rich secured themselves(perhaps on tax payers money).
The only people who were left to die or fend for themselves are the middle class ,who have never raised their voice.
Just for record, the size of middle class in India is much larger than the total population of the USA.
More 75% of Indian population is under the age of 35.
Youth must think......
It was very disturbing and interesting when she said that varification process is not above board.
Instead ,India should have NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD.In the absence of which it takes months to complete any varification because the system has not been computerised.Interestingly,India has the software which it exports but has not implemented the same here. What is lacking is the political will. One Minister went to the extent of suggesting that the illegal Bangladeshis should be give voting rights in India
Her advise to the youth was .....start a movement before the next general elections and insist on a commitment from the candidates that they will push for the introduction of NIC...
It is time the youth took some initiative and start a movement, not against the Govt ,but to with the Govt to take this country forward as it can no longer be left alone with the present day selfish,undeserving,unprofessional politicians.
Let us hope the youth is listening for their own and country's future...

B K Chowla

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