Sunday, February 8, 2009

MAHATMA........FORGOTTEN..............b k chowla

30th of Jan, was the death anniversary of the Father of Nation…Respected Shri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi……Bapu

I was not angry but a bit disappointed as there was hardly any coverage of Mahatma in the print media. Not even a customary photograph at Rajghat got space in the newspapers..(we realise it is normally a formality only,still..) There was an advertisement released by one Ministry and that was it.
One would have expected to see and read articles on Bapu by some eminent writers. But,unfortunately, there were none. I suppose in their anxiety to get advertising revenue,

, editors did not find space enough to cover the Mahatma, especially in the difficult times country is going through- Be it political, ideological ,social, economic or security, we could have done with some references to the Mahatma.
Less said the better about the electronic Media
.All the TV channels are always ready with “exclusive” stories on some or the other subject. Most of these channels had enough time to have a continued coverage of most non-entities called FIZA and CHAND.
HonestlyTV channels do believe that this love story has viewership and Mahatma will get lower TRP compared to FIZA and CHAND.
Most of the channels ask a most stupid question to the viewers and want the answers by SMS( perhaps,there is revenue sharing with the service provider) Questions can be
1 Who will win the Ist ODI
2 Who was the highest bidder at IPL
3 Who will make a better PM
4 The list is long and unending.
None of the TV channels had any question for it’s viewers .on Bapu’s death anniversary.
None of the TV channels ran an “exclusive” on Mahatma
None of the TV channels could find a single freedom fighter to say a few words for Mahatma………and so on
What has been expressed above is ,perhaps, a tone most of the pre-1947 generation has.
They feel let down,feel disgusted,feel neglected.
Most of pre-1947 generation is ,perhaps on their last leg.
May be someone from that generation will soon be reborn , yes, reborn as the new MAHATMA.
There was a time ,the entire country used to maintain a 2 mnts silence at 11.00am on 30th Jan.
Some of you may remember Rafi’s famous song…..
Tees jan shaam ko bapu birla ghar se bahar nikle…………………………………………

B K Chowla




hv rightly exposed the ruling dispensation and national apathy towards the great icon... I welome on joining The Indian Statesmen group at the facebook, and posting ur esteemed link over there that has brought me here... God bless u in ur endeavors to spread wisdom...

Vikas Gupta said...
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Indian said...


Date: 11-02-2009


Mrs.Renuka Chowdhary,

Minister for Women and Child Development,

Government of India,

New Delhi.


Under instructions from:

i) Shri Ganesh Hosabettu, the Hon’ble Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation, Mangalore.

ii) Shri Ramesh S, s/ o Late Vasu S, Prop. Shilpa Colour Lab, Karangalpady, Mangalore- 3. (Industrialist of Mangalore)

iii) Shri Anwar Manippady, s/o MH Manippady, aged 55 years, High Point, Nanthoor, Mangalore. ( State Vice President, BJP)

iv) Mr. Melwyn Fernandes, s/o Cyprian Fernandes, Kannagudde, Kulshekhar, Mangalore-5

v) Mr.Hassan Sab, r/at Laadi, Moodabidri (President of Moodbidri Zone of ‘Yuvashakthi’)

vi) Mrs.Nalini Y.Shetty w/o Yashodar Shetty, Gurupur, Mangalore representing Sthree Shakthi Groups of Mangalore)

And several organizations and citizen groups,

I hereby issue you this notice for your immediate compliance-

1) You have issued public statement that ‘Talibanisation is happening in Mangalore’ and further that ‘Mangalore has been Talibanised’. You have further stated that ‘there is a clean communal divide in Mangalore where a Hindu girl is prevented from talking to a Muslim boy in Mangalore’.

2) Your public statement has been widely published in several print and electronic media on 7th February, 2009 and 8th February, 2009 and on subsequent dates and the same have been widely published through out the country and the whole of Mangalore city is shocked to know the imputations levelled by you against its entire population.

3) Mangalore is rich in its cultural heritage with several holy shrines of all religions. Mangaloreans are peace loving citizens. This city is famous for its educational institutions and religious tolerance. The people of Mangalore have been serving the nation in different ways and Mangaloreans are well known throughout the world for their honesty and integrity. Mangaloreans have boundless love for their motherland.

4) The words ‘Taliban’ and ‘Talibanization’ refer to terrorists and terrorist groups based in Afganisthan. To every Indian citizen, ‘Talibans’ mean anti-Indians and anti-humans. These words ‘Taliban’ and ‘Talibanisation’ represent the most abusive and degradable form of verbal assault as far as Mangaloreans are concerned. For all the people of Mangalore whether Hindus, Christians or Muslims, calling them as Talibans is totally irreligious and offending their religious feelings and beliefs. All the citizens of Mangalore, irrespective of their caste and creed, hate Talibans and Talibanism.

5) By your statements, you have thus degraded the entire community of Mangaloreans as anti-nationals by calling them as Talibans. This has offended the religious sentiments of the people of Mangalore.

6) Moreover, being a responsible Union Minister, you have acted irresponsibly by calling the citizens of Mangalore as Talibans and deliberately wounded their religious feelings.

7) From your similar repeated statements it is clear to my clients that with the evil intention of promoting enmity between different groups of people on the ground of religion and to disrupt the peace and harmony in society, you have made such statements.

Your imputations are prejudicial to national integration because Talibans are admittedly opposed to India and Talibans proclaim that they are determined to destroy this Nation. By your assertions you have questioned the faith and allegiance of the people of Mangalore to their motherland; and by dubbing them as Talibans, you have cast assertions prejudicial to national integration. Your statements that Mangaloreans are talibanised and that Hindu girls are prevented from speaking to Muslim boys in Mangalore are totally false. Isolated and stray incident cannot be generalized to call the entire population of the city as terrorists. Your public statement has caused divide between Hindus and Muslims in Mangalore and they have started suspecting and hating each other and on account of your statement, feelings of disharmony, enmity and hatredness and illwill has arisen between Hindus and Muslims in Mangalore and thereby you have disturbed the communal harmony of the city. You have deliberately issued such statement with an intention of causing communal divide and thereby to reap political benefits.

9) On account of your statements, the people from outside Mangalore have started looking down upon my clients and Mangaloreans as Talibans. You must be aware that your statement has degraded the entire Mangalore and also adversely affected the economic progress of Mangalore.

10) As instructed by my clients, I hereby call upon you to withdraw the above referred public statement about Mangaloreans, and you are also called upon to apologize to the people of Mangalore by issuing suitable PUBLIC STATEMENT, within three days from today.

11) On your failure to comply with the demand made in this notice, necessary legal proceedings including criminal prosecution shall be launched against you at your risk as to all costs and consequences thereof.

(P.P. Hegde)


BK Chowla, said...

Thank you ,Vikas

BK Chowla, said...

Pramodji, thanks foer incouraging response.Keep readingAll the best

BK Chowla, said...

Excellent.Ihope this will have some effect on people who make irresponsible statements.May be she is trying to score points with Cong.high command due to forthcomig elections.
We must ensure follow-up to this notice .My best wishes

veejay said...

Hi Indian

Just checked this out:

What else can a 'politician' say in such a scenario? Well maybe "I was misquoted"