Sunday, March 29, 2009

23 rd MARCH

23 rd March……
It was a very important day in the history of India.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh was hanged to death by the British Empire in1931.
He was hanged as he had shot a policeman in response to the killing of veteran freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai .

There is so much that can be written about Saheed Bhagat Singh, but historians have already written volumes.

Unfortunately, Govt. of India either forgot or did not find it necessary to mention him in any forum. Not even one advertisement was released in any of the national newspaper paying homage to Bhagat Singh. Newspapers, on their own did not even release this as news item. (Space seems to be at premium during elections to be wasted on a national hero).They have in the past and recent past released advertisements paying homage to some of the most undeserving personalities.
There were more important and pressing news, apparently, though newspapers are
a mirror of the society, the society which has lost it’s values and respect towards those heroes who laid down their lives in service of the country.
As far as electronic media is concerned, it showed it’s true concern and values i.e. TRPs.
Most of the news capsules, primetime and otherwise, had covered;

Reporters were running between Varun’s residence and Chidambaram’s press conference and of course,NANO launch at Parsi Gymkhana Most of the TV channels found someone or the other party to comment/discuss Varun Gandhi.No one was interested in getting either some relation of Bhagat Singh or a historian for discussions regarding life and sacrifice of Bhagat Singh.TRPs are greater with other topics than discussions on a person who laid down his life for the country.
So much for the print and electronic media.
Without politicizing this issue, one question does arise…..why is the establishment becoming so unconcerned about the national heroes?
Be it Gandhi (mahatma), Bose, Patel and so many more. Have these national heroes lost their relevance in the modern Indian society?
Your views
author.......B K Chowla


not needed said...

Remembering Shahid Bhagat Singh can never be a political issue. The insensitivity of the media, our establishment and people at large shows where our country is heading for! The media is simply acting as a commercial establishment.

Vikram said...

This link will tell you something about the priorities our media has right now.

This is the only good news site that covers development issues that I have found.

Deepak Vijayvergiy said...

Agreed, that's the truth of today, media is only after commercial profits, they not at all concerned about any values or important issues.
And when you have new heroes who are courting arrest like Freedom strugglers, its time to remember the new ones, forget the old ones.
Varun Gandhi is trying to be like one... very shameful act.

Anonymous said...

Shaheed Bhagat Singh is a hero for me and we have now all the natak going on in India, make me sad. Our priorities are too, stupid now.

Everymatter said...

if Bhagat Singh is from Congress party he must have been highlighted or if he is part of BJp then also by BJP but unfortunately he is part of Hindustan, sacrificed everything for common man and independence of India.

Its shameful for nation (govt., ngo, individual) that we forgots our national heroes.

SM said...

Bhagat is a great hero, a role model for every indian.

Kaveetaa Kaul said...

I guess the memory of what he stood for, his sacrifice and patriotism makes them uncomfortable:) They are such a far cry from his idealism. Also maybe he left behind no family to sponge off his contributions and in the bargain keep his memory alive. And we are such a dyanastic nation. Aur phir sirf chadhte sooraj ko hi salaam hai.

Anonymous said...

Its so confusing. I signed in with my google account and wordpress but somehow it registered my previous site on blogspot. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose are long forgotten. We even have Bharat Ratna taken away from Bose's family because of lame controversy and it is awarded to Rajiv Gandhi before Bose.

I wouldn't be surprised had Bhagat Singh been alive he would be called a fanatic by today's pseudo-seculars.

Notice the similarity in Bose and Bhagat Singh's birthdate? Both born on 23rd.

Anonymous said...

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Kiran said...

Sir, I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that media is a reflection of society. Why does the media behave in such an irresponsible and unpatriotic manner? Probably because that is how we, the viewers, want them to be? Are we not more concerned, say, whether Aishwarya Rai is pregnant than, say, what happened to the earthquake survivors?

Its sad to say this - but in some cases, we deserve what we get. This is true of media .. and it is also true of our road infrastructure .. we just do not know how to use roads responsibly. So we deserve every bit of the rotten road infrastructure which we get!