Monday, March 23, 2009


Whenever you ask a serving or a new entrant to politics, you will be told that they are there only to serve the country (desh seva).

Yes may be so but it seems they have not realized that recession is a big worry.

Jobs are at stake, salaries are being reduced,CEOs have been advised to take a voluntary salary cut and there is no-no to bonus and so much more. Every industry and sector is facing recession, be it manufacturing,IT,export,textile even entertainment sector.

In such a scenario, should the netas also be taking a cut in their meager salary?

Before we debate this, let us see what they get and they are paid to serve this country.
They get..
2...Fees when they attend Parliament
3...Free car with driver
4...Free petrol
5...Free electricity
6...Free housing with furnishing…huge sprawling bungalows.
7...Free.. air travel
8… Free. Train travel
9...Free telephone
10..Free water
11..Personal staff salary reimbursement.
I2..Foreign travel on any “study” tour on Govt account.
13.. Rs 2 crores per year (10 cr for one term) as the area development fund. That is to take care of the constituency which voted them.
14...Free security cover for them and their family, wherever they go.
15…Free medical treatment, in India or abroad.
and much more...need to research more.

Depending upon one’s power (lok sabha seats) to negotiate, one could also head certain rich sports associations/bodies and certain high powered committees etc

Now, considering what meager money/facilities the netas get……
Should they also be giving up some of the drawings?
Should they give-up part of their security?
Should they take a salary cut? Should they give-up the vehicles they use?
Should they pay for their own electricity, water and telephones?
Should they be giving-up part of their high security cover?

After all they came into politics and took important positions just to serve the country.

Let us think about it.

After all there is recession and shouldn't’t every one help the situation?
Your opinion?

author......B K Chowla


not needed said...

The security provided to the leaders: this is an issue that has been debated much. Why should the tax-payer pay for even street-level politicians. Similarly, why the tax-payer should pay for their medical treatments abroad when we have the same available at home? Thus we need citizens' watch-groups who should challenge such things and get the things set right.

Akhlesh said...

There is so much more cost that is incurred on these politicians which should be cut. In Singapore all MPs have taken a 20% across the board cut. Yes they are very highly paid but atleast they took the initiative to understand the pressure on government reserves.

SM said...

nice article,
about pension they have pension facilty also once they are elected they get pension until death.
corruption never faces recession.

Anonymous said...

I am all against removing there security but I am not sure, how long will they last in the streets.

Anonymous said...

Witsuch perks and benefits and what nots...I am seriously planning to join the politics ;-)
But jokes apart, this is really not good. Whatever these ploiticians are using up like their dad's money is our money. We earn it and give the government taxes.
I hope the things will change for the better with a few of the younger ones joning the politics

Vinod_Sharma said...

Indeed politicians should lead by example. But is that going to happen? We know the answer to that one. Perhaps the only outstanding exception is Dr Manmohan Singh...used to travel by MPs' bus before he became PM, is the first PM to get his driving licence renewed etc

Kiran said...

Thats a thoughtful post. I was always of the opinion that the it is ok for the netas to be provided with all these benefits - as long as they do their job!

But the recent economic downturn warrants a re-look at things. I think definitely there can be some cost-cutting measures as far as netas are concerned.

Ankit B. Rathod said...

nice post sir....
much has been said and written about 'recession'.... but these khadi-clad netas are the only ones who are unfazed by recession.... they get what they want... when they want.... and still they say they are serving us..... and its the tax-payers' hard-earned money which they spend.... there should be a cut in the salary and the incentives they get.....

Unknown said...

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