Saturday, June 27, 2009


During the last few days, Delhi has had unusually high temp going up to 43c.

As usual, like every other year, even this year there is power shortage resulting into load shedding.
On expected lines, people have burnt some buses,Govt says it will cut down consumption of power in the offices, industry will get limited power, BJP staged a walk out in the Assembly and the CM has advised the Delliwalas to use electricity judiciously. Despite all this ,in some areas there is load shedding for over 8 hrs/day.Incidentally,it is the same CM who claim, has been voted in due to good performance.

Considering 60 yrs of (mis)rule and promises during every election, there still isn't power for all.

Should not those in power also be penalised for not doing their jobs?

Should the following 4 not set an example by cutting off power supplies to their residences at the same time that you and I are deprived of electricity?
1.....The Chief Minister
2.....The Minister for power in the centre
3.....The Chief of the regulatory authority
4.....The Secy,ministry of power
Once the above four electric connections are done away with, I am sure soon enough there will be power for all. They need to be dispensed with the same medicine that they prescribe for all of us who actually, unlike them, pay for electricity.
This sector needs to be cleaned up of corruption priority
author.....B K Chowla

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