Friday, June 19, 2009

(elect) POWER (mis) MANAGEMENT

I am not an electrical engineer, but I know that if I put on the switch, bulb should burn and fan should run.

I also understand that there are three stages of electricity before it reaches us.(correct me if I am wrong) A....GENERATION. B...TRANSMISSION. C.....DISTRIBUTION.

All the above three actions/operations are taking place, under the eyes, guidance and direction of the Govt. Then there is also a regulatory authority. Why is it that there is not enough power for you and me, even after 60 yrs and repeated promises during elections? There is a ministry with a budget of Rs thousounds of crores and a cabinet rank minister in-charge of power. So why is there a shortage of power?

Can we try and analyse the following numbers/figures? I have my gut feel that a lot of unanswered questions may get answered. Say...
Generated...........100 units.......
Transmitted....units....Transit loss
Distributed.....units.....Distribution loss.
Govt installations...units
VIPs...................units (Free)
Farmers............. units...Free? Paid? (For political reasons)

Finally, what is the balance qty of units available for distribution to aam-aadmi who actually pays a higher, unreasonable per unit cost for all the free and uninterrupted electricity consumed by VIPs without getting enough for himself.

In effect, for every 100 units, generated, how many units are being given to VIPs and how many units are being given to common man.? You and me? Let us try and find out.

These figures should be worked out on state-to state basis. It will be an eye opener and may put some of the ministers/ ministries to shame. I will not be surprised that VIPs may be getting unlimited and uninterrupted free supplies whereas poor are dying in 43 c.

Can we begin the analyses with the States which claim to have been re-elected on basis of performance?

Will some NGO please come forward to file a RTI application to get this data? It will be in national cause.
author.......B K Chowla

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