Tuesday, February 23, 2010


During a recent visit to Singapore,she bought few pairs of sandals from Bugis’ Jn market.

Price, even after converting to Indian Rs, was almost the same as at Lajpat Nagar in Delhi or Linking Road in Mumbai.

After returning to Delhi, every time she went out, she would carry something in a nice paper bag in her hands. She would keep the paper bag on the back seat of her car and go about her social responsibility. I was never inquisitive to find out about the contents of the bag. I never did.

After almost a month,one evening we had to go to a wedding at a farmhouse near Chattarpur.
As we left the main door, I again saw the same paper bag in her hands.It could not have been a gift for the bride. Unable to avoid the obvious question,I did ask.
The answer and explanation,both, were very convincing and amusing.

That's how it goes---
The sandal I am wearing,from Singapore, is very comfortable and design is very nice.

The sandal I bought from Singapore is cheap,hence there is a chance it may not last long and may break.

Hence, in view of the above two factors,I have been carrying my other normal sandal, as a standby, just in case this one breaks.

Sandal from Singapore has not yet broken and the Indian piece is still in the paper bag travelling in her car.

In case you are curious,just as I was,---I AM TALKING OF MY WIFE'S SANDAL ADVENTURES.

Whereas,I am still converting S$ to Inidan Rs.


posted,23/02/10 b k chowla

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