Thursday, March 11, 2010


Technology is driving the modern world. Human beings are being identified by some or the other number. We have a PAN number. We have a mobile number. We will soon have a UID number. We have our ATM PIN number. We have our bank a/c ID number etc;

But, there is one number in India which is enviable!!!!


This number, when achieved, can make one sit in the seat of power of the largest Democracy in the world. This is the number which can make a party or a coalition rule this country of 100 crore + (1 BILLION+) people for five years.

Those who make this number possible, could be, Murderers, Rapists,Dacoits, Black marketers, Hoarders or whatever,they need not be educated, may not be in fit health, as long as they get elected. End is important and not the means.

Once number 272 –the number of MPs-is achieved, ruling party is in majority, is in the driver’s seat and can decide on the important appointments, postings for all those who helped them in their success and those who could be of use in the five years of rule. They can also take various decisions, change the laws, financial decisions, reward state honours, and extend favours, of which the common man, who brought them to power, may never know about.

The country is in the hands of those who have 272.

They can change the destiny of 1 billion people (16% OF WORLD POPULATION) with every decision, action--democratic or otherwise, they take.

So very important is number 272.

Vajpayee lost only by 1 vote as he had 271 and not 272.
In 1984,ruling party got 400+seats and lost in 1989 due to alleged corruption.
That is the value and strength of our vote.

We, you, me, we all ---are a part of that 16% of world population.

Before we make 272 possible---THINK.

PAPPU is still awaiting ROTI-KAPADA-MAKAAN.


posted 11/03/10, b k chowla

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