Saturday, May 22, 2010


There goes a saying.---IF YOU CAN’T NOT CONVINCE-----CONFUSE
During the budget,after the budget and before the budget,the Govt keeps telling us about various schemes,budgetary provisions,subsidies,and political will as to how best will they look after the poor.Which means,the Govt will try and take care of the basic needs of the poor?
For the Govt to help the poor, to disburse the subsidies, implement schemes and show political will, the Govt first must know HOW MANY poor are there in the country.If the figures of poor go wrong-Govt subsidies may be less or more depending upon political priorities leading to mass scale corruption.

Different panels set up by the govt have calculated BPL figures differently.

CONFUSION 1—Wadhwa committee has estimated BPL families at 20 crores.

CONFUSION 2—State Govts put BPL family fig at 10.50 Crores

CONFUSION 3—Tandulkar committee puts BPL figure at 9.50 crores.

CONFUSION 4—World Bank estimate shows that the figure is 7.50 crores

CONFUSION 5—Arjun Sengupta committee shows this figure as 20 crores.

CONFUSION 6—N C Saxena committee puts this figure at 12.50 crores.

CONFUSION 7—Planning Commission puts this figure at 7 crores.

CONFUSION 8—People of India have faith in none of these figures.

PDS system, MSP to farmers, Food grain movement, Amount/quantum of subsidy and the basic right to food to the poor depends on these figures.(THOUSOUNDS OF CRORES OF RS ARE INVOLVED IN THIS EXERCISE—ONE CAN UNDERSTAND THE LEVEL OF CORRUPTION THAT CAN TAKE PLACE)
All the successive Govts which have come to power, have promised the upliftment of the poor, providing food to all and a promise to remove poverty—TO DO SO THE GOVT HAS TO KNOW WHO IS AND HOW MANY POOR ARE THERE IN THE COUNTRY.

Figures above speak a different story and reflect a shoddy picture of Govt’s efficiency.



posted 22/05/10, author b k chowla.

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