Friday, August 19, 2011


We go about our lives in a routine matter that we forget to check basic issues concerning our daily life. Or is it our attitude ?It is a typical case of "NEVER BOTHERED"

Have we ever checked declaration of TFM---Total Fatty Matter---on the  back side of the soap wrapper? TFM actually signifies the quality of the soap, higher the TFM higher will be the lather and naturally higher will be the cost. In fact, percentage of TFM is the quality level of the soap. Please check declaration on you soap wrapper. NEVER BOTHERED

We don't seem to notice price declaration on a product. The correct declaration is MRRP and not MRP.MRRP is maximum recommended retail price as it is loaded with highest rate of VAT or ST (Which is a state subject). E.g. A product in Delhi may have 4percent VAT and in Baroda it may attract 12.5percent.Hence "Recommended" price. It may help if we know the prevailing VAT rates to negotiate prices (AM I SOUNDING TOO MIDDLE CLASS?) so as to negotiate retail price. NEVER BOTHERED

Generally, Thursday is the weakest retail sale day. Check any retail Market, anywhere in the world; they report lowest footfalls on Thursdays. Reportedly, it is said to be so because-shopping- as it is termed-, is completed by Wednesday and Friday onwards, comes the weekend thus completing the weekly cycle. Interestingly most of the ladies nights in the clubs and restaurants, kitties parties and youngster's get together are on Thursdays. NEVER BOTHERED.
There is a standard set for packaged commodities. To allow the loot at the cost of the consumers, a provision has been introduced wherein the manufacturer declares on the packaging that it is selling a non standard pack. Check most of the Biscuits, Namkeen etc packs and get ready for the shock (i had written about this some time back in a different context).Quantity is reduced and prices get increased. NEVER BOTHERED

Tuesday is amongst the weakest day for airlines. One would normally travel on Mondays and Fridays. Most of the airlines’ sites offer greater discounts on Tuesdays NEVER BOTHERED.

Tea was always tea which was fresh, plucked. Then came –CTC which stands for—CUT, TURN,CURL-a mechanical process which cuts the leaves, turn them into a shape and curls the leaves. It is supposed to be a STRONG tea--CTC, doesn't it sound rocket science? Check the difference in leaves of normal tea and CTC leaves. NEVER BOTHERED.

Sometime back a famous Indian White goods manufacturer advertised it's refrigerators with PUF technology. It did catch up as it was a good punch line.PUF? Simply, POLYURETHANE FOAM. The refrigerators had a simple lining of Polyurethane foam. NEVER BOTHERED

If one notices, some of the abbreviated declarations are so misleading, but must be right legally. We need to be more vigilant, perhaps.


posted 19/08/11
b k chowla


Punam said...

thanx for such an informative write up, chowla sir. we need to be more vigilant, true. i only knew abt TFM in soaps.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Thanks a lot for sharing such a valuable information. :)

I like the tea, soap and refrigerator points.

Best wishes. :)

R. Ramesh said...

valuable information. :)yes v need to learn more..good one bkc sir..

Alka Gurha said...

That is a treasure of information.

R. Ramesh said...

shukriya bkc sir..

Jon said...

That was a load of information. Tanks a lot