Friday, February 3, 2012


We are becoming a country famous for ban.
  • Ban Books. 
  • Ban Films. 
  • Ban Suryanamaskar. 
  • Ban Authors.
  • Ban Face book. 
  • Ban Twitter. 
  • Ban Google. 
  • Ban Beef
  • Ban Cow Slaughter. 
  • Ban Pak TV actors. 
  • Ban Temple Bells in Hyderabad. 
  • Ban Elephant Statues. 
  • Ban smoking in Movies.
How much can we ban? Who all can we ban?
Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban.
I don't agree that it due to our society being intolerant or uncivilized.
Historically, every problem in India has its roots in politics. It is politicians who have used such trivial issues to its political advantage. Any issue which can be used to gain votes gets blown out of proportion for a particular community. It is the limited, selfish, insensitive corrupt leaders who break the society to win brownie points so as to remain part of sycophancy brigade.
It is the social obligation of each citizen as much as that of religious leaders and civil society to expose the culprit, instead of succumbing to these dirty political games and tricks.

 It is time we saw through the strategy of political class...DIVIDE AND RULE.

 Did someone say that we are not living in colonial days?


posted 03/02/2012.

b k chowla


aativas said...

Ban Blogging is on the way...I guess!

Giribala said...

Sad state of affairs!!

anilkurup59 said...

It is true( refer Salman Rushdie article in The Hindu), that as long as a private affair like religion plays in public, there can never be peace, harmony and reason.

It is indeed sad that people turn to what is said to be than tackle something that exist in front.

India was not a ban, ban country. But now all of us have made it so. A bigoted country.

Wonder, if God and religion can really usurp the need for food and shelter ?

Sandhya said...

It is really sad...even now, we have not learnt the lesson to vote for a politician with a conscience/who 'thinks' before declaring/taking silly actions.

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

Sir, Ban is becoming too much. Sir, our society is good. Law abiding citizens. But consider these:-
2G licences cancelled by Supreme Court. Now IDFC says it will support license holders. What is this?
Salman Rushdie will never be allowed in India. Video messaging is still arranged. What is this?
Even Ban has no effect. Ban has become another avenue for corruption. This is how some think.
Sir, you must offer some solution.

R. Ramesh said...

insignia is right..As long as people are foolish, bans will continue..

R. Ramesh said...

hello bkc sir:)