Thursday, October 4, 2012


It is a fact that whenever congress comes to power, RahulG will be the PM. In that spirit,over protective congressmen, media and his advisers must accept criticism of RahulG objectively.

Too much is being made out of and written about Congress failures in UP and Bihar. In a democracy, losing an election is not the end of political base.But, it is also a fact,these two defeats have been projected as personal defeats of RahulG(Thanks to 24x7 TV) as he led the campaign from the front.

I for one would blame Media and RahulG’s advisers for current negative sentiments.

Media  hypes news and activities of RagulG leading to high expectations from the man.All this “Yuvraj” “Prince” “Heir” “Rahul Brigade” “War Room” has actually harmed RahulG. Media has, knowingly or unknowingly, distanced him from common man, who now, does not relate to RahulG. He does not see RahulG as part of him.A feeling of “I don’t know him” has crept in. RahulG has to be a people’s man first. Media has tried to be secretive about him on various issues which are in public domain though, disregarding the access people have to internet and social media. With social media overflowing with information and main stream media being secretive or seen as reporting biased news, is counterproductive.

Then, it is RahulG’s advisers. When it comes to RaajNeeti,it is  Chanakya Neeti which works. I don’t see any lawyer adviser of RahulG with any winning strategy. Hitler had once said...”time has come for me to lucky generals”. What RahulG needs is those who have their nose to the ground. Such loyal people are there within congress, but, seem invisible to decision makers. 
Napoleon had said...”One must know as to what is happening in enemy camp”. But, running down opposition, apparent misuse of constitutional authorities, censorship is hardly an advice. Sincere adviser would have insisted on him joining cabinet somewhere in 2005---he would have been 35 yrs old then and now at 42, he would have had enough experience,exposure in thick complicated jungle of politics to  reacted objectively to scams, oil pricing, terror, internal security BPL, etc .He has not expressed, hence  no  one knows his mind.He must not forget,more than half of Indian population is under 30 yrs of age.Age is his Brahamastra.

His Grandmother started as I&B minister to gained experience and exposure.What was right for IndiraG cannot be wrong for RahulG .
Ram was sent, by Dashrath, to Gurukul for training.
Kauravs and Pandavs were sent to DroneAcharya for training.
Every Doctor goes through hard internship before he gets a Degree to practice.
Every Chartered accountant goes through articlesship before he qualifies to sign a balance sheet.
Most of successful business leaders make their son start from the shop floor.
For a Prime Minister  Isn't governing a country of 120 crore+ as complicated as a heart surgery? Or signing a balance sheet?
This is where RahulG’s advisers and media have gone wrong.They haven’t allowed him to get real experience and exposure. Media is being too secretive Congressmen are being too protective
Very few are blessed where, for four generations; a family has had the privilege of being at the helm of affairs of a democracy
There is a saying “Raaj Sirf Raaja Hi Kar Sakta Hai”




Sandhya said...

There is no other known, a bit clean face in Congress! RahulG is going to become the next PM. BJP is becoming a zero leader party now.

BK Chowla, said...

Sandhta,...If Rahul goes the way he is,even congress will be history in days to come

anilkurup59 said...

I think it is just not the question of experiencing and gaining it. Though it may have helped ,( his joining the cabinet) for the masses to know him.I feel that he is in his fathers mould and will stay an eternal nitwit.
What ever may be the matters that were wrong with his grand mother she reveled in politics and was perhaps the last PM we had who could take the bull by its horns. Her biggest draw back was her advisers and her younger son.

His great grandfather had the masses with him, he was the cynosure of their eyes. Yes he was fallible like all mortals.

Even Chankya's treatise did not help the Guptas' surviveQ

Sushma Harish said...

His intellectual capability apart Congress fly has big hand over his head. Why best economist ManZmohan SinghJi became PM. Rahul also is projected. At this rate congress is sure to win majority, as BJP votes are feared to be decided by Kejriwal.