Friday, February 15, 2013


We elect our representatives democratically with a hope that our lives will become smooth,we will live in a law abiding society,our children will be safe, and we will get basic needs of life. Has it really happened?
Some pointers for the elected representatives.

As per NHRC report of 2005, 44000 children go missing every year.While your children get police protection, ours go missing because of lack of security. Shouldn't my child also be as safe as yours?
Why should I pay for your children's security?

Providing electricity is Govt’s job.You failed to do your job,you failed to provide electricity in 65 yrs forcing me to depend upon generators for which I need diesel and see what have you done to the diesel supply? You raised the price for buyers who generate power for self consumption in absence of electricity.While I suffer for want of electricity and pay higher rate for diesel,you enjoy uninterrupted supply for free, free...You demand it free, but, you won’t give me subsidy.
Why should I pay for electricity you consume?

Medical needs of poor, is the basic need. You get medical treatment for free in India and overseas while poor man,in absence of medical facilities, dies on the street and a poor lady delivers on the roadside.
Why should I pay for your treatment?

Security of every citizen is Govt’s responsibility. In Delhi alone 8049 cops have been deployed for VIPs security duties while 3448 cops have been deployed for prevention and investigations. Shockingly, there are 3 cops to protect each VIP while there is 1 policeman is deployed for 761 citizens.
Why should I pay for your security at cost of my security?

You and your family drive around town in a convoy of cars escorting your car. For you, the car is free, cars in the convoy are free, and fuel is free. If you can get it free, why can I not get subsidy on fuel ?
Why should I pay for the fuel you consume ?

We used to cook on CHOOLAHS for which we needed was coal... Look at what have you done to LPG prices. From a price of app. Rs 200 sometime back, I am now being made to pay close to Rs1000/ cylinder.Wood is banned,LPG is not affordable and I can not think of going back to CHOOLAH,.....look what you have done to coal blocks.
Why should I pay for your coal mess?

Govt has failed to provide drinking water to me. As an alternative, I was forced to dig underground water till you enforced a ban on it. As a result, water mafia is working overtime supplying water tankers.You get water for free.
Why should I pay for water you consume?

On Tuesdays, my mother insisted on offering Prasad of SAVA Rs (Rs1.25p) you have discontinued minting of 25paisa coin. Those of my mother’s generation managed their monthly expenses by counting and saving paisa. No Prasad is available for less than Rs 10/.
Why should I pay for your wrong decisions?

You and your family get free train travel for life. You and your family get free air travel. You get free telephones, free houses, free water.
Why should I pay for your holidays, luxuries and conveniences?

Before you forget,you got a status of VIP only after I voted for you.Please don't make me feel sorry for having voted for you and don't make me feel small by flaunting  your VIP status.



Unknown said...

A very thought provoking post. Nothing is going to change in our country.

BK Chowla, said...

Usha Menon,

R. Ramesh said...

nothing may change but lets keep pushing sir..u r doing so much good work on highlighting these things..btw..bkc sir..those 2 in my blog are articles in a qatar mag i just posted for my records...thanks n wishes...

R. Ramesh said...

thanks bkc sir:)