Friday, September 13, 2013


Debate has moved from TINA (there is no alternative) to MITA (Modi is the alternative).

Should BJP comes to power in 2014 under Modi’s leadership, credit must go to Congress as  debits of last ten years, Modi has cleverly credited to his account. As Shourie says, Man Mohan Singh is the strongest election agent of Modi.

Democracy is about numbers; else, congress would have been shown the doors in 2009.Vajpayee would not have lost by one vote. Why criticise Modi if he can get the numbers? Samajwadi Party woos Muslims and Yadavs.-Mayawati woos Dalits.-Congress woos minorities- Nitish woos EBCs and Maha Dalits. Is this not an effort polarising minority votes? What is wrong if Hindu votes get polarised too? What is wrong if Modi plays up his OBC status? Why must a Hindu be termed communal if he claims to be one and seeks Hindu votes? Don’t minorities wear their tags over their shoulder.Reportedly, 17% Muslims voted for Modi during state elections. Can Advani, Jaitley,Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj come even close to numbers which have been projected by polls?

Modi realised well in time the basic factors which could swing power within BJP in his favour...
1...A weak centre headed by a not so strong PM surrounded by mostly corrupt colleagues.
2...Famous Delhi4 (Arun Shourie refers to some as “Stateless Leaders”) not having been able to take on the establishment. All Modi had to do was to convince RSS, who in any case were not impressed  with Advani-’04 and ’09 were his failures and 60% of youth population would not want an ageing leader.
Modi got himself promoted in Goa (tension was visible on faces of Rajnath Singh,Jaitley) as Sushma took an earlier flight to Delhi and Advani was conspicuous by his absence though, except media, no one missed him.

BJP,under Modi  was born.

Since then, Modi has not missed any opportunity in attacking Congress. He has been screaming from public platforms about failures of Congress Govt by attacking Dr. Man Mohan Singh, be it, Dual power structure, Governance, Corruption, Sir Creek, Internal Security, External Security, Beheading of Indian Soldiers, Intrusion by Chinese, Falling Rs, Inflation, Economic Situation, Italian Marines. His speech, point wise rebut to PM’s speech from Bhuj, on 15th Aug was a hit where it hurts the most.

Though Congress spokespersons maintain that Modi is of no consequence, Modi is not an issue, but, the moment Modi takes digs at Congress, senior congress members’ jump across to TV studios criticising his approach, his comments, his style and his claims of development records. They have even called him a frog. Such debates and news is a juicy slot for Media which prefers terming every word against Modi as “BLOW TO MODI” “CONGRESS BASHES MODI” “CONGRESS TAKES ON MODI” “CONGRESS TEARS INTO MODI CLAIMS”...while Modi decides not to react. It is the same media which would not miss any opportunity in covering Modi. His message to media is clear-he does not need media to promote him; it is the media which needs him. He once took on Sardesai of CnnIbn saying “If you abuse Modi, you will a RS seat or a Padma Bhushan or Padma Shree.Indian media loves to hate him while International media is not missing any opportunity in project him as the future PM.
It is no secret, political leaders spend crores of Rs for arranging crowds for a political Rally while here is one man who puts a price tag, should one decide to attend his rally in Hyderabad? Reportedly, about 1 Lakh people attended the rally.

Modi’s target is not PM, though he takes pot shots at the PM and drags in Rahul Gandhi without naming him ever, but is actually targeting Sonia Gandhi. Senior BJP leaders as well as congress members seem quite uncomfortable facing a situation when it is Modi who is setting the agenda for’14 and is converting it into a Presidential form of debate to his advantage.

Those who consistently talk of his secular credentials need to check if there is complete communal harmony, zero communal riots in other states in India? Assam, Hyderabad, UP, Kishtwar? Gujarat officers have faced conviction. No investigating agency complained of lack of co operation from him for 2002.No files went missing. Has anyone been held responsible for 1984? If SIT was formed for 2002, why wasn’t or isn’t formed for 1984? Man on the white horse is on his way to Delhi.
He is unstoppable.
Youth is with him.
Industrialists are with him.
BJP cadre base is with him.
It is not Modi vs. Rahul.
It is Modi vs. Sonia.
Ask a congressman a simple question! How much is 1+1= Answer could be 2 Modi.



SG said...

Excellent post. NaMo is unstoppable now. Congress is afraid of him. If not, they would have ignored him. Otherwise, why they make statements after statements every time NaMo sneezes.

SG said...

I forgot. I just saw your photo. You are the perfect candidate for contesting from the South Delhi
constituency. In my younger days, we used to live in Safdarjang Enclave. If you are contesting, we will humbly contribute some funds.

Alka Gurha said...

I just hope that he now gets a clear majority. It is a tough task tough.

Unknown said...

The winds of change are already there. Lets hope for the best. Very nicely written.

anilkurup59 said...

I wonder if one can dispute that Modi is the poster boy for the corporate world, India Inc and the urbanised youth who believe that malls, super highways and industries that shunt out people from their land is development and what will make India great.And a political ideology as much like the UPA s that believe the sixty five percent living below or on subsistence levels are best dispensed and excluded .

All this even if one is casual enough to ignore the fact that Modi headed a government in his State when systematic communal cleansing was inflicted.Like the ghost of the anti Sikh riots of 1984 no development and Ram Mandirs will lessen the evil that was brought about.

Frankly Speaking said...

Well articulated views. India needs change at the top. Hope he will heal wounds inflicted on nation by Congress, the past nine years.

S.R.Ayyangar said...

No doubt Modi is riding on white horse to Delhi but it has to seen how he can handle & convince the minority against whom the party members have often spoken ill.

indu chhibber said...

Very astute analysis Chowla ji.

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Shilpa Garg said...

Will he get a clear majority?

Jayashree Srivatsan said...

Lets see how it turns out. NaNo seems to be the new promise

R. Ramesh said...

hello bkc sir..sorry i was away for sometime..nice to be back here..sure all well..cya soon...

Purba said...

With a weak government, even our neighbours have started taking advantage. And Congress has yet to reach a consensus on the Prime Ministerial candidate. Even they know Rahul is not match for Modi.

A very well written post, sir.

Ruchika said...

Lets how much India is changed post lok sabha elections if opposition comes to power.

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Anonymous said...

75-80% of the population do not know about modi,these people shall decide,so congress strategy of free/ subsidised meals,cash will be a major factor.
The media is syndicated, so there could be surprises for the educated minority