Sunday, July 24, 2016


“Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah”
Protect the Dharma; Dharma will protect you---------Mahabharata.

Indian’s Home Minister spoke on the floor parliament accusing Pakistan for the troubles in J&K implying Indian State.
Identical statements were made by most of the home ministers on the floor of parliament and in political rallies.
But, we have yet to see or hear of a concrete plan of action to counter Pakistan.

However, as it stands, Pakistan must be having the last laugh.

Kashmir waves Pakistan flag because it's been doing it for six decades, unchallenged.
Lalu Prasad justifies Pakistan flag in Bihar because Kashmir has it.
Kerala waves Pakistan flag as state doesn't t care and Kerala is going through demographic changes.
West Bengal waves Pakistan flag...Well, ask CM for the reasons.
Part of UP waves Pakistan flags and Hindus take a back seat.
We have Pak TV actors in popular comedy shows.
We have Pakistan actors in Bollywood.
We have Pakistan play back singers in Bollywood.
We have Pakistani stage singers running to India as soon as they run out of bank balance. The state Government allows the concert. The kind of money they rake in, never could they think of that in Pakistan.
We have Pakistan cricketer as host on a comedy show.
We have Pakistan cricketers as guest on another comedy show.
We invite Pakistani guests for TV debates on news channels who ridicule us while they are drinking tea and laughing at us. (They are being paid for it)
We have Indian TV reporters/ anchors who justify every action of Pakistan against India. Search Twitter to know who those are....plenty of them on ISI pay roll.
We have journalists who indicate troop movements via twitter. These journalists seem spiritually attached to Pakistan
We have journalists who tweet   giving hints as to where to use Wifi when Internet was blocked in Kashmir.
Pakistan has been asking for Plebiscite in Kashmir.
Jyoti  Scindia from Congress has asked for Plebiscite in Kashmir.
P C Chidambaram from congress has asked for greater autonomy for Kashmir. (He was HM)
Mani Shankar Aiyar went to Pakistan and asked for their help to dislodge NM
Salman Khurshheed was also with Aiyar in Pakistan asking Pakistan’s help, in dislodging NM. (He was MEA).
AAP advertisements are seen in Pakistan papers and website with pictures of its leader.

Can Pakistan ask for more?

Enemy is within us, it just needs to be exposed.

And what do we do and say?
“We will not play cricket with Pakistan”.
“Moonh Torh Jawab Diya Jayega.”
“POK is integral part of India.”

………………….Until next terror  attack.”


this has been published in NewsNViews portal as guest author.


SG said...

It has become a fashion to side with Pakistan. No one wants to solve this Kashmir issue.. Per my observation, even the Government of India says the same things for many years no matter which party rules. You will notice the following statement from both sides since 1948. All issues will be discussed including Kashmir. Is there any other issue other than Kashmir? Why don't both governments take into account the ground reality? That is, India will not give up Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan will not give up PoK.

supreme essay writing service said...

Its high time that Jammu Kashmir issue hat to be addressed. No country has the right to invade other country. Pakistan has more than enough problem to be solved in their own country. So interfering in the matters of other nations cannot be entertained. Jammu Kashmir is a part of India and always will be. Pakistan has no right to take it forcefully. It is good to support the artists and cricket players from other nations. Being a fan of them does not mean that they are betraying their own country.

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